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secol FETT

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hey guys, i need help with yhe boots, i want a decent pair of Boba boots, but, i can't buy any more than $50 so
i need if you can post pics of the boots, i mean left, right, front and back, im sure i can find someone who can make the boots for a good price here.
Maybe you ask, why he dont use the ref pics?
well the pics are great, but the colors are wrong, you know light effect, etc.
so please helpme, i had an event the next month and i want to wear a nice pair of boots.
thanks a lot :)


I uploaded some pics to your host under soft parts.
Named bobadebt and boot1,2,3.

I don't know if these are MC boots or what. I just had them in my database.
I don't think the color of tour suit boots is radically different than they were at the time of filming-- less saturated and more beat up for sure. But a couple screen caps from either ESB or ROTJ should help you gauge their look during filming.
Considering how there was the albino Fett, I wouldn't be suprised if the original boots started out white and then were tinted with fabric dye that was painted on. I think the boot itself is basically all the same color with the center stripe being slightly darker, but I think if you have them made in a white cotton, you can tint them the color of your liking, as long as the material isn't treated with a water reppelant.
Excalibur :D
thanks for the pics that is what im talkin about :)
Tyler fettcicle
thanks for the advises :)

now i just need to go to the shoemaker ;)

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