Need help with armor

Tamis Kurr

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I know others have needed help in the past, finding ways to attach their armor to whatever the fabrics they decided to use in their Mandalorian gear. I've tried, in the past, with an old suit I used spray glue. It stuck but it was a pain to put on. With my new set I'm trying industrial strength sticky back velcro. Its fine on the armor, but it won't stick to my fabric. I've been reduced to sewing the velcro on, and I have the cuts to prove it. Any ideas will help. it never hurts to ask for advice. So, I'm asking.


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Here's a tip, Sewing sticky-back velcro is a bad will gum-up your needle and make a mess. I did it and it was a disaster. I ended up sewing the corners by hand but it was also a mess. Sticky stuff everywhere, all over the thread and needle...... Get non-sticky back velcro for the part you sew and you should be fine. Hope that helps.



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industrial strength sticky back velcro great for TK or CT not good for Boba. Get the stuff with out the sticky back and glue it on the armor and sew it on the vest. Thats what I did and some people say velcro dosent work all that well. But I did a 3 mile walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Sunday and it all held up just fine.


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I chose the snaps. Sewed one side to the vest, glued the other side to my armor. They stuck to the sintra GREAT !!!!! :)
Hope this helps.

Heres some pics.


Chest snaps.jpg


My mom has a sewing machine and sewed velcro with a sticky back on my darth vader costume. Don't just use a needle and string to sew velcro together, use a sewing machine. or do what the other guys said.