Need help trimming/sanding my new armor


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Hey guys I'm in need of some help. I was wondering... How do i properly trim and sand armor? What accessories should i be using if im using a dremel. Or what grits of sand paper should i be using. This is armor from RKD. How deep should i be sanding? Thanks IMG_1327.jpg IMG_1328.jpg IMG_1326.jpg

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Should apear to be about 1/8" thick...and as far as sanding sand it with 100-600 grits to remove the sheen...


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I use the dremel to get most of the extra plastic off and the sand by hand to get it smooth. Just be careful with the dremel. You don't want to remove to much. Sandpaper wise start with a heavier grit to a finer one.i used an 80 to get it where I want it then 120 to smooth the edges. I didn't sand anything else on my knees. Hope this helps some.