Need help in fitting hardhat suspension

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Need help!

I have a hardhat, it fits me great! Now, how do I make it fit me great inside my helmet?

Do I just hot glue the bugger in, hoping it will fit right, and still let me see well through the visor?

Hoping for detailed instructions!


thanks all!

take care,

Bountys Hunted wrote:Need help!

I have a hardhat, it fits me great! Now, how do I make it fit me great inside my helmet?

I was selling adjustable suspensions a month or two ago... JUST the suspensions. You don't put the hard hat into the helmet, and on MB's site, he says to cut a "ring" out of the hard hat. That doesn't work great either.

The best results usually involve epoxying the bare suspension band (not the straps) into the inside of the helmet itself. Suspensions vary, so I can't give you "generic" instructions on how to do it. :(

Just put the suspension on yourself, then put on your helmet and try to get a good idea of where the suspension band contacts the inside of the helmet. A lot of trial and error will be involved here, so you may want to try something "less permanent" than epoxy (like maybe duct tape) to experiment with until you get it "just right", then epoxy the band in place.

That's about all there is to it! :)
Whoa!! No kidding?! Use the entire hardhat?! Man, good thing I didn't rip that sucker out of there this afternoon!!

I never would have guessed that...

Thanks very much!!

:) :)

take care,

I went through the same trial and error crap when putting my liner in my stormtrooper helmet. Just use a small drop of super glue or a few dabs of hot glue here and there until you get it into a position that works for you.

You can pretty easily break the minor bonds created until you get it right, then just permanently glue it.
You could also put some double stick tape on the liner. Then do what Fetthunter said. When you take it off, the liner should come attatched to the helmet. Then glue it in.
Okay, went and did it! Said the heck with worrying, just go for it!

And darned if it didn't turn out fine!


Fit is much, much better. No more bobblehead!!

Highly reccomend it. Fast movement is now possible.

take care,

I went about in a slightly different way. I cut out the area on the hardhat that the suspension clips into so I just had 4 little clips. I moved these around the helmet until I got the fit I wanted, using a dab of hotmelt to temporarily secure them. Once I had final placement, I hotmelt glued those buggers in permanently! My suspension can be taken in or out which works great if you are doing other work inside the helm because it gives you more room to work in & I think it will allow a better fit to a variety of helmets. You can see the clips in my pic, they are orange.


And a little tip for removing hotmelt glue (if you want to take out an old visor or something else) use lots methyl hydrate at the joint. It will wick under the glue & break the bond under the hotmelt. The methyl will also not harm most surfaces & the paint job if you accidetally get some on it. Works great everytime!
Hmmm, that is a improved method BKBT! Nice thinking.

I'll have to do that on my next helmet...because we all know you can't have just one!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Hey where is everyone buying their hard hat liners from?? I need one and cant seem to find them around at the local stores...any help...or does someone here still offer them????

Dan, you may find them at a construction supply place, not your usual do it yourself hardware store.

Otherwise, you'll have to just remove one out of a hardhat. That's what I did.


there's a couple different types. The more expensive ones have a wheel to adjust sizing. The rest use a "peg/hole" type of fastener. Tip- adjust it to fit, before installing in your helmet...

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