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Hi,im making my costume and im wondering,has anyone bought armor from the ebay store shuby's galactic props?i want to know what kind of quality they are.

thanks for the help
All ebay armour is low quality. You can make your own or purchase a set off of a fine member here on TDH.

Do a search for "trashcan armor," and "boba fett templates."
There's a guy on CT.N who's currently working with Shubby to get some armor. From what he says (and the HUGE pics he sent me) it's all quality stuff. The only problem is a little lack of a quick reponse time, but he makes up for it in quality. I asked him a couple questions, and I think it took about 4-5 days before be got back to me, which I don't think is that big of a deal.
The painting job and everything else is superb. I'm still contemplating getting up since it's a bit cheaper than most on eBay, especially since you can even get an unpainted set (back included) for about 100 or so, while some other eBay auction have just the chest, collor, and shoulder peices for the same price. As a starter I think he'd be great to go to. If you want the pics of the armor that the guy at CT.N sent me, I'll e-mail them to you. And the material is thicker than it looks in Shubby's pictures.

EDIT: However yes, it is WAY cheaper to skip eBay regardless, and do what GCNgamer suggestions.
I guess it depends upon whether you want to go the cheapest route and buy the cheaper Sintra armor from Schuby or others on Ebay or elsewhere, only to realize that you'd rather upgrade to either metal or fiberglass armor sometime in the near future. Then you have to spend twice the money to get yourself a set you can (and rightly so!)be proud of. Also, as with most things, you get what you pay for...Schuby is a great guy who won't rip you off, but again you get what you pay for...;)

All ebay armour is low quality. You can make your own or purchase a set off of a fine member here on TDH.

Shuby's is a good, low priced store that is good for beginners. You're going to get the same result if you buy from Shuby or do your own sets.

@ GCN - Making generalizations like that is not smart and makes you look foolish.
Then Schuby's is perfect for your application I would say. Why isn't the person doing his own armor? I guess if they want to upgrade, they can pay you to do that one also-it'll work out pretty good for you it seems...

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I'd reccomend going Schubby as well then. That way you can make some funds for your suit. I'mgoingto be making "trashcan armor" to sell so I can make my mando.
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