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I did a search first on neckseal materials but didn't find anything.

Looking at Tk409's website, it looks like his is made of some type of vinyl... kinda shiny... Can anyone recommend something to use that won't make me even hotter standing in the sun for 6 hours? =) I believe I can swing the pattern, but the materials, I want to be sure I'm using the right stuff.


Josh L.
I got someone to sew mine from canvas with thin batting in it, its not to bad hot I guess. Ok, yes it is.
Alot of people choose to use the vest material inside out, creating a slightly different sheen than the vest. The MoM pics suggest that these two pieces are made of the same material, but the neckseal material is reversed.
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
Right, but it's the same fabric. It's just sewn to the jumpsuit.

Actually I thought it had been determined that the original was done up like a Dicky similar to the TK-409 neckeals.
I don't think that's be determined. In fact, this photo shows quite the opposite ;)

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Cotton broadcloth is what I made Evil_Benius's out of. I ended up dyeing it with RIT to get the right color. It's inexpensive too which is a plus.
Thanks Iycis.. I picked some up at Hancocks yesterday and am currently having someone sew it together. I'll post some pictures when it's done... My only concern now is that the vest and neckseal aren't connected. I guess I'll take some kind of velcro to keep it snug and no skin is showing.

Josh L.
... the neckseal is supposed to be attached to the Jumpsuit? ... Ok.. i see in the picture above.

This might not be impossible then. I could sew it to the jumpsuit like an additional collar..

THANKS Tylerdurden!!!

josh l.
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