Necessary Tools of the Trade


Hey yall,
I have a week off coming up as well as payday the day before, and I was wondering to scratch build a helmet what tools are a must have when I go to Lowes to start this adventure. I do already have a dremel. (Oh yeah, this will be my first scratch-built bucket.):confused


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Well, I haven't scratched a helmet before, but as with any hobby, there are some basics that can come in handy for any project.

You already have a Dremel, so that's a great start. Make sure it has some good multi-use accessories, such as: cutoff wheel, sanding drum, small/medium grinding bits, and maybe even some small drill bits.

As for other "stuff" you could pick up some sandpaper (a couple of medium to fine grits), utility knife or X-acto with replaceable blades, goggles (you have 10 fingers, but only 2 eyes!), a nice straightedge (I have an 18" metal ruler that's been used on countless projects), a couple of mechanical pencils, and some putty (I usually hit the hobby shop for putty.)

Hope that helps! And good luck with your project. (y) :)

NikNak aka

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A nice set of hobby files is a life saver. I am not sure about getting them at lowes but I got a great set at Home Depot.