My wife's BH Build Up


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I knew that I had Created a monster after C4 but this is almost to much. I thought I was a pain in the rear about detials and craftsmanship. Though she has been putting in alot of time and elbow grease she is very picky :)




Special thanks to Rotten for his femme chest piece. I modified it from his original design. But it could not have pulled it off without it.

The other pieces were all made by me using the WOF templates. More to come! as she is buying up parts right and left.
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Please find it possible to forgive my ignorance, what does WOL refer to? EDIT: Nevermind. I should have remembered seeing Wizardofflight's templates.

Also, I can only think of one picture (Mandalorian Wedding) that depicts female armor, but I don't recall there being abdomen plating. Is this a fault in my memory?
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Was wondering what you used to make the female for... I am new to the site and want to make one for my wife! Any and all help and advice would be appreciated. This looks awesome btw