My white Fett

Boba die Wix

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My Supertrooper Costume

Hi! Here´re some pics of my finished white Mandalore on the FACTS Convention last month in Europe. I´am looking for the Sling Gun. Is there anyone, who can help me?
Thanks Sven
BH 2378



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Wow!!:eek: That is awesome!!! Great looking suit bro!:cheers
I'm sure someone on here can help ya out with the sling gun.:thumbsup:
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Why didn't you paint your costume? ;) (I bet you got a lot of that)

Seriously, that is the coolest thing. I love it.

Contact wizardofflight for his slinggun blueprints.
Wouldn't he have a red visor if he was truly an albino? I love how all the little details still stand out on your otufit.
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