My SGT Fang helm thread


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My SGT Fang helm thread-Repainted!

Well here is my progress on the helmet, spent all day working on it using the toothpaste method and spray coat, an got a little to go.

Ignore the first 3 pics, those are of my other helmet

Helmet pics

Not only does it look good but it smells minty fresh!!!
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Nice start. I have to say if I wasn't planning on using Windsor newtons awesome liquid mask I would go the tooth paste route. I am not a huge fan of the smell of mustard.
Cheaper method, is toothpaste...79 cents! Just use a paintbrush and apply! I heard mustard is a lil more liquidy. Either got the job done..and it looks like natural battle damage.
Toothpaste if anything made the silver look nice and clean, only thing I needed to do was use a wet towel to get the residue off.
I have used mustard and liquid mask as masking agents. Many people have used the tooth paste idea. I have also seen people use mayo. I no longer use mustard only because when I spray the testors dull coat on things is suddenly turns the silver yellow. Prior to the dull coat you can't see the mustard at all but once it goes on BAM yellow. It also stains white paint. Liquid mask is what I use now and it works very well.
Mustard is more liquidy, yes. I have never used Toothpaste though, but I do imagine that it would be easier to control. I will be using Liquid Mask from now on, why? Because that's what it is made for.
Wow, hard to believe it has been a year since I first got it. About a month ago, a fellow member in the garrison wanted to see how good I could paint a Boba helmet if I took my time. Well..I decided to sand my Fang down and repaint it...and here is what I came up with...




Well, patience is key. When I first painted it a year ago...I don't think I took my time, and a few things looked off, not to mention the cat scratch looked off too. So, I took the effort to see how much better if I spent about a week painting it. Looks a lot better. Granted, I have BM helmet that is just plain awesome, but I think it is best to have a spare one to use for the more...hate to say, but...risky events.
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