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I decided to start a costume about two months back, and I finally had the opportunity to try it on for the first time. I purchased a majority of the costume from a person who no longer wanted his costume. I was really satisfied with most of it, but not all of it. I've already replaced the blasters I got with BR blasters, and replaced the gauntlets which were 's gauntlets painted with a scheme. Thanks to Cruzer for selling me his set of MOW gauntlets.

Again, I wore the costume for the first time today, but boy did things go south. Here's a shot of me:

My biggest problem with costumes is that I have 26" thighs and 18" calves. I cropped the above photo because within the first few minutes of having it on, I heard the sound of Rice Krispies in milk ... SNAP CRACKLE POP! Except it was my leg armor(n):cry:thumbsdown:. Bets snapping, armor breaking, holster belts popping off, knee armor flaring up. (That's why I cropped the lower portion of the pic.) On top of that, the jet pack actually pulled my harness system through and is the reason it looks like my vest and chest armor are choking me. Oh well, it's a start.

I've got a few new upgrades coming within the next few days:
Thanks to SEEKER, I've got a new belt (I can't stand the one I have now) coming along with a new helmet.
Thanks to Sky, I've got a new vest coming.

But anyway, I welcome any help here with this ... any suggestions y'all may have. But please be gentle ... I know it may be sub-standard TDH quality, but I'm workin' on it ... it's work in progress.


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Good try. But you will be getting better parts in a couple of days.

It takes a long time to make adjustments to your costume. look at me, I'm still doing upgrades and adjustments. :lol:

heh heh.



When you're fitting the chest plates to the vest, try to keep the gap between the pieces uniform. The two things that really define mandalorian armour are the helmet, and the particular pattern of the chest plates, The pattern is identified by the uniform gaps. Thats why most people prefer fiberglass, because its able to hold the complex curves needed to keep the plates tight against the body, and not move around so much, like the sintra plates.

Also, try to keep the vest taught as your dresser puts the belt on you, this will help to keep the stomach flat... I have the added advantage that I fill out the vest perfectly, having made it to fit me.

As far as your harness is concerned, its really hard to say what will fit you, However, I use a British Army PLCE backpack harness for mine, and the jet pack straps clip at the front of the shoulder, and go over the top. That way if the harness does slip, all that happens is that the strap slides back over my shoulder, and the jet pack gets lower on my back, without pulling the vest over the shoulder with it.

There are only really two realistic solutions to the harness slipping that I've found. tighten the harness around your chest to the point just before discomfort, or get a lighter pack. A tighter harness strap shouldn't be able to slip above your pecs.

Hope that helps,


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Hey, it's a start! I highly recommend talking to BKBT about his harness. It is really awesome and should help you out tremendously. How heavy is your backpack? If it is really heavy, consider when you can getting an MLC pack, 5 lbs, it is awesome. Once you get everything together, wear it around the house to see how it fits, works, looks, problems, breakage. See what you need to adjust, change, etc before trooping in it.

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where did you get the gloves?

They were actually hand made by somebody else.

How heavy is your backpack?

It's about 9 lbs. My problem is I have lost significant weight since I built the harness system. So I may just have to adjust that.

Walking around the house, going to school, going to the mall. Where your jet pack where ever you can! ;)
That goes for you too!!!!:lol:lol::lol: No trooping as without your :jet pack!!!!!!

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Well, I am making a bunch of modifications for version 2.0 of my . One of which I have been working on today. I am in the process of RnB-ing my armor ... this is my first time ever using the stuff. I REALLY like the results it's giving me. But I had an absolute nightmare with the stuff this evening. I was applying it with my fingers, and after using it on a few pieces of the armor, my hand looked like this:

Okay ... I guess it's suppose to get messy. Then I realized I had made a major mistake today ... I was all out of soap, and forgot to go and buy some. So I had no choice but to get in my car with my hands looking like that and get some. I did not realize this stuff would start coming off the way it did:


Now it's all over my steering wheel and gear shift. I don't even know if I can get it off or if I will be reminded of every time I step in my car. Does anyone know of a good way to get it off?

Well, that's my for the day. Version 2.0 of will be up and running shortly ... probably sometime around Halloween.
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:lol: :lol: :lol: Bro, that is a funny story!! We'll be able to laugh about it with you one of these days!! :cheers

Love that rub'n buff shifter too!! A real type shifter!!

You know, you're helmet looks pretty good though bro, why don't you like it? You can PM the answer...

Best of Luck on the !! I know the feeling! Set up mine last week, ohmygawd, while not as bad as your experience, it was similar!!
Mirax was right, I'm glad I wore it around first!

take care,



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I love the altimiter on the dash.... awesome... you should of just put the car on autopilot so you didnt have to touch the wheel. hehe.

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You know, you're helmet looks pretty good though bro, why don't you like it? You can PM the answer...

Oh man ... I'm just glued to using the smilies!:lol:lol::lol: When I post a '' ... that's just for "Jango" and not "Jango helmet." The version 1.0 helmet seen above is OK, but I was lucky enough to win Seeker's auction for his BKBT helmet. That is only one of many components that I am upgrading. Actually about 2/3 of the costume shown above will be new componets when I get my version 2.0 up and running.

I love the altimiter on the dash.... awesome... you should of just put the car on autopilot so you didnt have to touch the wheel. hehe.

I have put that thing on auto-pilot ... cruise control. However, sometimes, I was unaware I was climbing a 6% grade ... until I saw the indicated altitude (elevation in this case) going up. My engine was lugging (running at 100% power and still slowing down) and I never knew about it until I glanced at the instrument.


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I believe I'm to blame... I taught him how to use the stuff!! :D

And I taught you how to use that stuff, do I remind you?:lol: :lol:
"I was but a learner, but now I'm the master"

The R and B on your hand is a pain in the a$$. Was the cause of many repaints of the blue because is does not come off your hand for awhile. Unfortunatly, I dont know how you could remove it. Probably just some water, and a good amount of elbow grease.

(You won SEEKER's helmt auction? Damn good score)


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HAHAHA Scott now thats funny!!! Get some DAWN dish soap and some warm water and it will come off the car. Did your armor come in yet? Cause I think thats the only thing thats left! Oh yea JP #1 is almost done and havent even thought of #2 yet LOL


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I got my version 2.0 up and runnin' for Halloween. I was in it for 8 1/2 hours straight ... never took my :jet pack off once in those entire 8 1/2 hours. I even drove with the thing on! (Don't try that ... it's really uncomfortable.) Here's what version 2.0 looks like:

Right off the bat I should mention that shot was taken after I climbed into the bed of a pickup truck for transportation to the event I was doing. So I had to loosen some of the belts. But anyway, here were the upgrades from version 1.0 to 2.0:

New armor from wickedbeard.
New bucket from Seeker.
Hyperdyne LEDs in the RF (never got a good pic of those ... if you've seen GBH's , it's the same thing.)
New vest from SkyGunBro
New leather rig (belts and holsters) from Cruzer
And a VERY big thanks to firstsonofsolo for a tremendous amount of work he's done for me in getting this costume to where it is. My jet pack has a new paint scheme thanks to him which is much more canon than it use to be.

NOTE: There is a version 3.0 in the making!:lol: It will include yet another new vest (a leather one this time), a remote controlled servo to make my RF go up and down, and a new MLC1 :jet pack. Again, thanks to firstsonofsolo for these upgrades!(y):cheers(y)


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I'd really like to see how the armor looks before you jumped into the pickup truck, I have thought about wickedbeard's armor, and just wanted to see how it looks as a whole suit. Cant believe you have SEEKER's bucket...


(Well, I have my own BKBT)