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Guys I have a constant issue with my right gauntlet, its pinching behind my right thumb on my wrist where the gauntlet sits makes it very uncomfortable and eventually painful to the point I cant feel my thumb, I have wrist/hand padding that works most of the timr but I can't do my glove up and make my hands look a bit on the large side.... I am guessing its because they are home made and heavy etc, does any of you folks with say the plastic Boba-Maker ones of other plastic good quality one have issues like this> if its a case of weight they I need to get a new set ??


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I have trimmed and trimmed but there is nothing much left. What I am trying to find out is if there is any link between the home made camp vrs the purchased camp, like all the folks that have made their gauntlets from the WOF templates (like I did) Heavy resin bondo covered things compare to the hollow light weight cast/vac formed type, I want to see if there is a link between either the design of the gauntlet of if its the extra weight that's causing it.. if everyone with all types of gauntlets said yes they have a problem like that then I can determine its inherent to the overall shape.

I am leaning towards the fact mine are heavy and the hose pipes play a part in pulling in down onto the arm etc I just ike to gather evidence before I start makeng new stuff or just end up buying a set, Plus I hope it can help someone else out before they end up with nerve damage :eek:(y)
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I am keeping this journal up to date as of late I have not done any work on my outfit apart from the new helmet, I am currently working on another project a ''soft costume'' for my Star Wars Costume Group the joker Squad, I am doing an Endor Commando and plan on making every single part of it, I will open a build thread in the other section for that,

So for the moment I need to think about what I want do with Fett as it stands.... there are a few things I would like to amend, the gauntlets are still giving me hell with pinching so I have decided its time to make a cast set from scratch or buy a set.... I also want to do some work on the JP a lot of folks are adding smoke to their JP's and that seems like a nice touch so I may start some R&D on a home made smoke unit I can document..

for now here are a few pics from my time on set of Star Wars - Lost on Earth Episode one.

You can see the film here -------->

















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Been a long while since I have updated this, I been so busy trooping, making prop and also working on a second costume I haven't had time to work on Fett and update. Thanks for the comments regarding the little film by the way, we are hoping to make 4 or 5 more that go into full on action story mode.

Anyway one thing I have been doing is upgrades...well experimentation to be exact, I haven't settled on anything yet but I have a working prototype for my new gauntlets I been making, I have always had issues with my current gauntlets pinching my wrist and making my thumb/hand go numb. so I been working on a lighter set, these will be cast from the ones I have now, refined a little and hopefully solve my issues.

So I made a silicon mold of my original gauntlets with a fiber jacket and roto cast the two half's



I have lots of room to play with these now, because they are just shells of the original I now have more space inside and that gives room for padding, they are much lighter (for now) but I think once I have added all the greeblies and such they will gain a bit of weight, now its plastic I can smooth off all the edges and remove any imperfections in the plastic that transferred from the original ''and there are lots'' !!! seems like they have taken a beating over the last year....

Anyway this gives me something to work on and hopefully iron out all the issues I had in the past,


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I put the red on it and its the same paint as I used on the original used ''VW Gambia Red.''.... and it has a lot of curing to do by the look of it, I cant ever remember it being that light in color when you set it next to my old gauntlet it looks way off, but it is the same red!...... I had to pull apart my old gauntlet to cast it, looks in a horrible mess now :( I will put it back together ....its screen used after all :lol:

will see how this new cast off turns out in the end... if all goes well I will do the left one.


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ok the red is still quite red, but I put the clear coat on it and it seems to be going the right tone of red....


I have now decided to do the left gauntlet now..... and it pains me to tare things apart


cast away!


I will post up results when they are both 100% finished and will see if its worth it...


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Awesome work on the new gauntlets! Your photoshoot came out great!

Thanks man, I have the left side out the mold but there has been an issue, the silicon has moved during the roto casting so I have a wonky edge and the two half's don't line up, :facepalm but they are thick enough that I can sand out the imperfections and get it back on track but its going to take time....

Be warned folks home casting on the cheep is fine if you have lots and lots of time to do it slowly, if you were rushed one evening like I was it goes wrong real bad real quick....:unsure but then again its all about learning new things and now I know what not to do. :lol:

I will have them finished in the next few weeks I have to turn my attention to my side project for a bit.... (y)


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Gauntlets all finished, they are a little lighter than my previous ones, the seem a lot stronger... I have smoothed them out more and made better padding, I also moved my range finder switches about a bit and sacrificed original aesthetics for a bit of practical magic when it comes to operating my range finder...

Also only using the one pipe as its more in keeping with the SE fett

other than that Gauntlets 2.0 seem ok at the moment I need to get a long troop with them on and see if they still make my hand go numb :behave





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Two minor things. The silver at the oval thing that sticks out on the right guantlet extends horizontally across the front face of the guantlet. Also the left gauntlet dental expander is red. Good job getting it all figured out.

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The spring is here and its time for upgrades, Got lots of events coming up this year so need to get back on the Fett and hone it in some more as we all know you are never truly finished with your outfit!
to start off with I have a 5 touch button sound board with about 50 recorded lines of dialogue taken from Star Wars battle front... some of them are familiar lines and others are purely from the game and Temuera Morrison lends his voice for this so its cannon in my mind :D

Video below.

I have run it through my Aker system but man its loud, so loud that the volume wheel is almost in the off position so when I talk through the Aker you cant hear me as the volume is so low. .... I may end up stripping down one of them little portable speakers with built in amp and run that as a separate system.. I haven't found a practical place to put the switches yet, I could rig it up to a strap on my palm under the glove and touch with my fingers for the line I want.. not sure yet, I am trying to get a clean audio of Jason Wingreens voice but every time the man talks as Fett there is music playing or Vader is breathing all over him so its hard to get a clean audio of him. I will keep trying on that one but for now Morrison will be just fine.

I am also working on my EE3 I was never really happy with the handle and stock, I built it for comfort and lightness but to hell with that now I need it to be more accurate so I am working on that at the same time...up dates to follow.

Also I got me a 3D printer, in the past I have said this will kill off all creativity when its so easy to simply print stuff off, and yes you can easily just find an object and print it! and so I did


I ts a replacement flash hider for My home brew Dl44, I wont say this will totally take over my build ethic of 'recycle and reuse' but it does have its place for them awkward little greeblies...

took me about a week to get a decent print by the way, much respect to people who use this method full time!!!...
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So I was never truly happy with my blaster, it looked ''ok'' I originally made it super light and thin so I can troop with it and take a beating.....but I have decided after a good year of trooping in this I can make it look a lot better and to the right scale.


as you can see the handle and stock are way off, and I think the barrel came up almost 2 inches to short :confused (I think I rushed this step of the build a little)

Pine board for the stock and a teak handle... ... and this is going to need a lot of sanding and shaping....




And then this........ :eek:



next will be the fins and I will reuse the ones I had but 12 this time and not the 16 I had before! (man I really did skip the details on this bit) ....
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All finished, lots of research into the original blaster and the one thing that stuck out the most was the stock, the ESB carbine looked great with the wooden stock but when they made the ROTJ version that was just a cast, it don't really look all that great if your trying to replicate it 100% that's why I decided on my version I would keep the stock brown as I have stained it anyway but give it a light going over with the weathering so it looks like a rifle that's got all dirty, I just think it adds a little more dimension to it in a public setting. Its not 100% accurate this is true.

But....I like it..