My revised Custom Fett Bucket!LOL

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Yes, I redid it. Again. Seems I can't stop. Frickin customs! There's no rules!:lol:

I removed the "saber grips", as everyone calls them, from the cheeks. I wanted an "armored" look to the cheeks, but the black stripes always looked funny to me.

See here:


These are black plates with textured gray plates over them, and machined aluminum "ports". I'm looking to find an air brush propellant type mechanism for the ports, to give them a cool button-activated "fwissh!" action. Whaddya think? Any color advice? Criticisms? I'm not sure if I'm happy with the color- I just went into "autopilot" when I painted them.





I love it! Not too many people who make customs really customize their bucket, but you have created something truly unique, and very cool!
(Breathes sigh of relief) Thank you!:lol: I had that "oh my god, what have I done" feeling this morning!:lol: Especially since this crap "extra time" epoxy doesn't seem to be drying (right earpiece antenna spike and cheek ports, for extra hold). Throw that crap out if you have it- it's useless. I'm sticking to Zap.
Wow that's one radical looking helmet. I think you have truly customizd your helmet to the extreme, but you have done so tastefully. Great Job man!
Wow, that's a huge compliment. Thank you. I tried to leave most of the "shape" intact, and not change anything so drastically that it was unrecognizable as a Mando helmet. I had some ideas like giving it side/top intakes, putting a mouthpiece/breather over the T-visor.....but it would change the dynamics of the bucket altogether.
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