my far (pics)

The Clayster

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my gauntlets:




my armor and jumpsuit:






the armor pics were taken right when i got my armor,and the gauntlet ones were taken today,just a few minutes ago..

note: the gauntlets are not painted.
my colors for my mando: black vest,blue armor,black trim on armor,blue jumpsuit.

i still need to get :poots,helmet,mohiar belt,vest,leather belt and pouches...i think thats it
i will paint it next weekend\
i got my armor back in august,dont know why i didnt post pics sooner
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don't forget to cut out the areas for the chest display lights (even if you back it so that it's solid like Jango's) and add the parts to the central diamond. It's detail like that, that finishes armour and makes it look more realistic to the movies.
don't forget to cut out the areas for the chest display lights (even if you back it so that it's solid like Jango's) and add the parts to the central diamond. It's detail like that, that finishes armour and makes it look more realistic to the movies.

well that sounds kinda hard for my skills,and also...does every mando have that?,becuase if your a different type of mando,i dont think you would want lights from your rangefinder or from your armor
it would give you away if your a hunter..or a sniper i am just wonderin
ah ok now i see yer guantlets! those are pretty cool yea definatly put the wrist bow on there! you killed my sugestions with those photos lol
it's funny, i just got the same sets of armor in the mail today, so my gear currently looks the same as yours. i like how you did your gauntlets, those are pretty cool and original. and i agree on at least cutting out the slots on the armor. i'm going to try to lay my hand on a dremel tool for just such a reason. details are everything.
This looks like Schuby1's work.
Did you make this yourself or get it from ebay?
I have a couple of sets of his armor (clone trooper custom, and a boba suit)
that I would like to sell. Its great for a beginners halloween costume and im sure if modified enough could be an awesome suit of armor.
well my updated progress..PICS








in some pictures (because its from my phone) you cant see all of the detail/damage and weathering..but hey at least i finally painted it!
and my weapons:




as you can see the lights are from the nerf gun,and the e-11 also lights up (toy)
i didnt show the picture of the e-11 with its lights on,just because everyone knows it,but no one uses one of these nerf guns..the nerf gun also includes a rail system...a rail system on a dart gun! so i willl put a scope or something on it.
and the e-11 i may mod with some vauum cleaner parts so it will be my own blaster
made some knee armor today too,just about a half hour



its made of a tupperware/storage box!
i have been meaning to make some,and tonight i finally got around to it!
well i bought some canvas for my kama, and cape, so any suggestions on that would be good

yesterday i soaked the fabric in tea, and rubbed coffee into it, although the coffee doesnt do much at first glance it does add something that i like. I also experimented with burn holes, and it looks great

i have visited for the kama stuff, looks pretty simple but i dont have a sewing machine so i cant hem the edges, that way it doesnt unravel on me.

any suggestions?

vest- on its way
boots-already have
gloves-nomex ones i used to use on my TIE pilot
jumpsuit-have had for a while
armor- just needs snaps, and knee armor still needs to be painted
helmet-being built right now, or its on its way to me
gauntlets-need trimming from the back since they are a lil big for me
t-visor-2 friends of mine are making me one
kama-soak in tea, coffee, acrylic washes, burn holes
cape-same as above ^^^, except i wont use the boba fett method of attaching the cape, but i dont want to make it look like theres a string around my neck, so i will need to hide it somehow

this seems like alot, but i am almost finished with it!
today I got my fang helmet, so i cut out the visor, cut out the slots in the back, trimmed and sanded it, so PICS (i still need to bondo the dent in, dont say i need to, i will do it tomorow!)


i am also going to trim my armor even though i already painted it, it is really bugging me, so i am just gonna sand it a bit with the dremel, and maybe sand the bottom ab piece a bit more than i already have (not shown in pics).

anyone have any suggestions from my paint scheme on where to paint what colors?
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