My Pre-production Fett Gauntlets

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I just painted them, the missle is missing from the left but I am hoping to get one soon. There are a couple of thing I still have to do but they are 96% done.
Sweet pics fettcicle. Excellent paint job!
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Very nice work fettcicle.
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I love the lights on the gauntlet, but on which version of the suit do these appear? Pre-Pro?

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I second that Braks!! Those are by far the best gauntlets I've seen to date.I noticed they were fiberglass too,....very nice.PM on the way ;)

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Bounty Haunter,

The lights on the right gauntlet are on a few pre-pro pics. I thick you can find them on Brak's CD. I haven't found any pics that show them lighting up, so I'm not really sure if they are lights or buttons. I'm going for a cool gauntlet look and maybe not one that is exactly accurate, that's why I went with the lights.

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With its rocket in place it is complete!!!!!!
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Beautiful job man! I love to see all the METAL pieces in place!
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That is absolutely fabulous man. Keep up the good work!
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Looking very nice! Is that a friggin Bantha skull holding your gauntlet up? Sheesh...what the frack is that???
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That is by far the best looking pre-pro gauntlet I've ever seen.Now how about some pics of the rest of the suit ;)

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I agree...more pic's!! What did you do use for the flat hose?
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If you can give a better discription of the "flat hose", I'm not really suer what part that is, is it the small part just above the four darts on the right gauntlet, the part that has the -0- shaped cut into the center?
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I just made both parts, The darts were pieces off a machine at work (They were replaced with plastic, so I took the metal ones home :D ) the other part was a small piece of aluminum I filed down oval, drilled a hole through the center and took a needle file and made the notches on either side. I was able to polish it on a bench grinder with a buffing wheel attached. If you could get a piece of plastic, I know nylon bolts are available at hardware stores, you could use that for the base and do the same, sand it oval, drill the center hole, and take a flat head screw driver, heat it up on the stove and melt the notch across the center. Just a suggestion.
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excellent !!!!!!

You have any more? You do some great work! I hope mine come out half as good.

How are you holding the 2 halves together?
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The two halves are held together with springs, there is a piano hinge placed on each side. The pin on the hinge is removed , the two hinge parts act like interlocking teeth that line up the two halves. There is an expansion spring connected to the top and bottom halves on each side. I can push my hand through and the gauntlet spreads open, once my hand is through, the spring snaps the two halves shut and the interlocking portions of the hinge keep the gauntlet aligned and prevent them from sliding apart. The springs keep the gauntlets closed tight enough and keep them from moving around on my arm.
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