My old and new armor

Alrighty, here are some pix of my A'den 3.0 armor on it's first test run today at the California Comic Con...



here's a little update on my kit... my completed crushgauntlets!

i should be suiting up again in a week or two for new pix. i changed my right shoulder armor and am currently building a couple new abplates and making some alterations to the method of closure on my vest.







Aden Kyramud

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Ok...that's interesting, yet really cool, that they dont hamper mobility at all...
They look awesome!!! I love all the Tandy items I see in them!!! Yay for Tandy!!!:cheers
o really? i had no idea they even sold them! i actually get them from hot topic. ya know, the freak store in the mall where all the goth and emo kids hang out! lol

Aden Kyramud

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Lol!!! yeah, tandy has them!!! Hot Topic, that's classic!!! :lol:lol::lol:

Be like a mando; shop at Hot Topic!:rolleyes:wacko:lol:

They're awesome Jaing, wherever you got the stuff from!!!
Absolutly... I take it you're doing a custom and not a Fett? If that's the case, learn what you can from overall construction and paint techniques here at TDH. But, if you're building a custom, should be your home! Stop in there, check out all the completed pieces and the WIP threads. Also, check out all the tutorials. Then, use the Mando maker to put your design down and start building!

I would suggest that you take your time. There's no hurry. With time and upgrades, your skills will improve and you will end up with a set more like you initially envisioned. My first set took about 8 months to build. The newest set of plates of made for my newest kit took 3 days and look 100 fold better.