My new self-made ROTJ EE-3

Simon Fett

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Well, I got tired of my old self-made blaster so I decided to have a go at making a new one... I think it definitely looks better than my old one... let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

Lemme know what you guys/gals think!


Nouveau blaster EE-3.jpg
It really is fun to make your stuff yourself but it can really give some headaches... I would also like to point out that the trigger is fully functionnal and the blaster is VERY sturdy...
here's mine buddy. as you can see i decided not to put a trigger on it at all (stops me being shot by the police :lol:)

A definate improvement, way to go. I agree that scratch building an EE-3 can be good fun and once completed it can be a source of immense pride. Here's mine:

Excellent job!
I agree with everyone that this is a great improvement on your first version.
Not that your first one wasn't a great effort, but I see you're getting bit by the notorious accuracy bug :D
Top notch work there bud!
Since I sold my first and second blaster, I have made a new one... that would make it my third one... darn accuracy bug has bitten me! It might not be perfect but I'm slowly getting there!!

I'll post some pics this weekend. :D
tasco 4x20. i think you can find them at walmart, or any decent sporting goods store
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