My new helmet


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Son of Knight said:
No, that was being used as an example of a helmet modeled after one from the movies. I'll post one of my helmet on my after the fiberglass dries.

SORRY S. O K. I meant for Tylerdurden...:) Thanks though.

I would like to see yours though.(y)

Tyler Durden

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Spidey, no it is not my helmet it is Rogue Studio's casting from his ILM Fett plug. It is not a modified helmet. It's a 100% real casting off an original ILM helmet.

Cal, a seam line across the top is in no way a tell-tale sign of any helmet, as just about any helmet is made in a two-part mold- just like the originals.

Tyler Durden

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Well, normally the seam line is sanded off. No finished helmet should have a seam line. I guess the amount of seam just depends on how finished the artist wants the kit to be.


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So Rogue Studios has the definitive Boba helmet in our little Fett universe! I thought that's what that pic was...I had just never seen an actual helmet cast off of that plug he had. Not to shabby considering he's one of the most definitive helmet painters around! Nice! One can only hope well see some hi-res pics of it painted some day!

Master Jedi Allma

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The Rubies helmets i have seen can't possibly be classed as accurate sizing in my own opinion.
Their a cheap and easy start to making your very own costume, but they are far down the scale of all round excellence when compared to the many available buckets.



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my 2 cents...

I recently was able to determine just what a difference a Bobamaker fiberglas helmet will make in comparisson to a Rubies Jango helmet (wich is the same size as a Boba) thanks to OrtharRrith...

helm test BM & rubies 60%.jpg

The yellow outline looks much more accurate to the original size and shape of the helmet on Boba's shoulders, but I'm not sure which is which... I'm guessing the yellow is the extent of the Bobamaker helmet?

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