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I just got my new helmet. And I saw somthing that was strange. It is a rubies helmet that has the date 2002 on it. I didn't know that there was such a thing. I thought that there was only '95, '96, '97. Anyone else seen one of these? Are they any better/worse than anything else?
Don Post made the helmets in the 90's. Rubies makes the newer "versions" that can be found at most halloween costume shops ;)
So are the rubies ones not good for costuming? Or at least to our standards? I did notice that it was rather large. I hope it isn't ridiculously big. I’ll post pictures later today.
A Rubies is a decent start. I have seen some that went under HEAVY transformations, but came out looking very cool. The only problem that I have seen is that they have a really flat looking dome, and the sides have almost no flare at all...and don't get my started on the paint job.

There are several threads here that explain what needs to be done to make it look better, try the search option with RUBIES as your main querry.

Good luck!
Plenty of info on helmets if you use the "search" feature. ;) In a nutshell, most of us stay away from Rubies unless that's all we can afford. They are actually undersized an quite inaccurate. If it's all you can afford, you can make it look OK with a new paintjob and visor, but if you have a little money, much better helmets are available if you look around.
Thanks, I'll do that. Yeah I guess it is all I can afford, but with a new paint job and visor (not to mention some elbow greese) it will look good. I hope.
DarkFlipDog said:
And this helmet isn't anywhere near undersized. With some modding I think it will turn out pretty darn good.

I'm sure with modding it will turn out good as well... one thing though... if its a Rubies or Don Post it most definitely is undersized. As compared to the real helmet its about 3/4 its size. Course... depending on the size of the person wearing it that makes a difference in how big it really should be. We're just comparing it to the size of a movie sized bucket. :) recessed visor.

And also, I said before it is not undersized. I have about the same measurements as JB and it fits perfectly fine. It sits low enough and everything is sized correctly. And even un-modded (yeah, its a little uncomfortable cause its just plastic) its actually a little loose.
You're not getting my point... my point is that a standard Rubies or Don Post is in fact smaller than the REAL movie bucket.

It may not be undersized for you but it IS smaller than the real helmet worn in the films. Some members here have casts from the real bucket and others have handled the real deal and compared those to a Don Post and to a Rubies.
To Webchief you listen...I've owned two or three Don Post 97's (same as current Rubies) and a couple Don Post 95's. I've also owned, and still own, Mystery helmets (which are believed to have their origin from a screen used ROTJ helmet). Mystery helmets are about 20% bigger I'd say.

DP 95 are a good option for smaller folks who tend to look like bobbleheads in one of the larger helmets.
Yep, unfortunately that is the truth. The standard DP/ Rubies helmets are noticably smaller compared to the real ILM helmets.

I'd also like to take a moment and clarify that that I am 99% sure the Mystery Helmet is not a derivative casting of the Jedi helmet but rather another helmet.
He means that he believes the Mystery helmet is NOT cast from one of the movie helmets but is instead made using measurements taken from a movie helmet. It's still bigger and more accurate then a Rubies or DP though, this has something to do with Lucas not licencing completely accurate helmets. NONE of the mass produced licenced helmets are accurate, although some are better than others.
Don Post had a stunt helmet in there possesion and they put out the DP with all its inaccuracies anyway. Lucas never produced a Helmet, He let other companies do it and He lent them the Helmet what more can He do?

Here is a pic of my helmet next to my Star Wars Triligy DVD box. It not very warped. It just needs some TLC. Heh Heh
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