My new armor

here's a pic of my newly painted armor.
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I sat here for a minuit and thought, "Well I can't tell anything from that tiny picture", and then I relised you could click it. :lol: I like the blue and silver combo on the helmet, it looks realy good, well all of it does for that matter. (y) I've actualy got that same Tac. belt somewhere I beleive, or one alot like it anyway.
Does my vision serve me Correctly is that a shoulder bell for your cod

Yeah I was going to say......
maybe some weathering or just reshaping it a bit. Looks to much like a shoulder bell still. Good job on the painting and over all custom look (y)
The shoulder bell for a cod is the only off looking part of your costume. Grab some Sintra or a trash can and make yourself a new cod. Other then that your ok with everything else.
I will be getting a cod piece, and hopefully some leg armor, I'm getting a "samurai 3000" line kantana. I've always wanted a sword on my mando.

Nice idea on the Katana, i was also going down the "bladed Mando" road too. I thought abot it alot and that type of style blade (no handguard, straight narrow blade) is really the only thing i can see most mando's having IF they ever carried blades like that. Are you going to modify the blade/hilt at all, or leave it as is? The 3000 range is a very nice set.:)
Remember that a Katana is a real weapon, so keep that in mind when you go trooping out in public. Sometimes it may be best to leave it at home for safety reasons.
To back up what GCNgamer128 said, alot of conventions won't let you bring in real weapons to. Found that out the hard way be seeing a guy with a Kendo stick get tackled. Use the sword for your pics and make a non-functional replica for trooping.
Point well taken guys, i have seen similar unfortunate events occur. Mando for christ, i was going to make my real blade as the guys above said, for photos and around friends/costuming group. The replica would be a very good idea so you dont get executed, heh. Are you planning to have a scabbard at all? or any ideas on how you want it to sit?
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