My Mystery Helmet & F\'glass DP95 dlx- comp.-Lotsa pics



My Mystery Helmet & F'glass DP95 dlx- comp.-Lotsa pics

I got my Mystery Helmet last weekend, and it is AWESOME!!:D I can't believe the quality and accuracy. Plus, I can pull it straight on my huge noggin!:lol: WITH FANS!

I got it last Friday, and finished painting and weathering it by Sunday night, because I'm impatient. Plus, paint weathers more easily when it's still tacky.;) Tape pulls it off nicely, plus scratches are easier.

Some of you may remember my DP95 recast- I added a half inch to the height, and almost 1/2 to the width. It's the same width as the MH, about 1/4" taller, and 1/4" shorter in depth. Weird.

I repainted my fiberglass DP after it was done ESB, but the MH is all me. And I think it turned out better. It came out darker, which is what I intended. And I'm very happy with the results.

Some weathering tips: Scrape chunks of the dome green off while they are all still unset. That's how I got the "Sage" to show through in spots. Also, use masking tape, wrapped around your hand, to pull off paint- especially where the wax or other undermask is.

The MH is the one WITHOUT the RF, btw.;) I took these pics just before I put my RF on it.





And before I added the red, and weathering. The "light spots" in the green (and on the silver), are the result of the wax candle I rubbed over the silver initially. I just scratched the light spots after painting it, and it works great.:) The dome and cheeks are dark, because I hadn't sanded through to the lighter shade.



Silver Alcad (sp?) base coat. The colors I used were:

Rust-Oleum Satin 7720 Sage
Krylon Satin Touch 3522 Italian Olive
Flat Black (here and there everywhere)

Color Spray Navy Satin 10-3068-1
Krylon Satin Touch 3502 Hunter Green Satin

Color Place 20011 Red Oxide Primer
Krylon Satin Touch 3503 Red Burgundy Satin

ALL of them are from Wal Mart. I'm lazy, dammit!!:lol:

Jaster Mereel

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Wow whata difference! When I first got my FG DP I thought it was huge against the other buckets I have, but looking at those comparison pics - DAMN

Makes me wanna upgrade to yet another bucket :D
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secol FETT

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Jaster Mereel wrote:

...When I first got my FG DP I thought it was huge against the other buckets...

...Makes me wanna upgrade to yet another bucket...

that's true, when i got and see for 1st time my helmet i thought ... wowo this is hige, but :facepalm now i need a new one ;)

looks very good your helmet

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