My Jango is on its way


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Picked up a partially finished BKBT helmet, SGB flightsuit and vest. I may refinish parts of the helmet and plan to lighten the vest and add a tint of purple to the flightsuit.

A big thanks to dfett and Jango newbie for bearing with me and answering my numerous questions so far!:cheers

Now I just have to finish my two clones before going full bore on this project, but I think I have a good start.



Jango 5204

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Good start. One tiny suggestion: See if you can alter the vest a little by trimming some off the top of the shoulders, so the arm hole runs a little more vertical, and doesn't run over the top edge of the shoulder. Nice beginning, I'll also be tinting my suit soon. Make sure you get some of Cruzer's leather goods. Good luck to ya.:)


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I clearly see the difference from looking at your pic Jango newbie. That and the piping is something to tackle on that. I should have stood up straight on the pic but I bolted the rangfinder on and it was making the helmet lean to the right so I was compensating by leaning my body to the left.:lol:

I also sent a PM to Cruzer as you suggested.


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Got your PM bro, thanks. After CIV I'll be able to hook you up with any of the items I make (holsters, girth belts, backplates), however for an incredible ammo belt, you'll want to contact the man, SEEKER.;)

Looking good so far!(y)