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I have been working on a Jango Fett costume for my movie that im making and i have been struggleing with it. Most of you guys have the ability and time to make multiple versions of your costume but i have one shot and then i have to move on to observe the completeion of everyone elstes costume. With that information I have some questions for you experts on this costume creation prosses. One question i have is where could i find gauntlets for under $50 because my Fett budget is running very low and id rather not resort to plan B which is to paper mache them(not sure if that would even work or look good at all) I also have a problem with finding a proper belt that is not too expensive. The rest of the costume is pretty much done but if I could get some feedback and opinions that would help me out a lot. I also am wondering if there is a way to make digital camera file sizes smaller bacause i am using my sisters camera and the pics range from 1MB to 1.5MB or if i could host them somewhere, and again feedback would help out a lot.
Do you have any kind of photo editing software? Most photo editing programs will let you resize the images and you could post them here. You might try looking for free trial software to resize the pictures if you don't currently have anything that will resize them. Adobe has photoshop "tryout" versions on their website.

If you're on a tight budget you'll probably have to make the stuff yourself. You might try making the gauntlets out of sintra. There are some templates in the boba armor section. They are similar to jangos gauntlets, you'll just have to make the adjustments. You could also make the belt out of pleather. It's cheap and easy to find. It can also be ran through a sewing machine. Hope this helps. If you use the search engine you should be able to find a lot of info on these topics. Good Luck with your costume.
well i have a pic of the armor from one of its early stages. More recently i have gotton the vest completed, some armor remolded, some remade, and within a few days all of the armor will be attached and i will post another pic for you guys to see my progress.
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I made my suit out of Stainless Steel! Super hard stuff to work with, but WORTH IT. I got an applause out of the crowd once and one of the people from the crowd talked to me and asked what guage my armor was, I didnt know what the heck he was talking about so I let him test my shoulderpiece out, he never told me what it was (I guess what i just said was pretty useless huh? Just happy!). I went as Jango.
The gauge he references to is the thickness. ITs more than likely .18 gauge because if it where .16 it would be very heavy.
Well i figured its time to bring my thread back form the depths of being hijacked and let you guys in on my updates. The chest armor has been re molded and i have completed the vest but im having a problem with the leg armor. I attempted to attach the 6 leg peices to the jumpsuit but i tried it on and noticed some of the peices seemed flimsey. I was wondering if some of you guys would like to tell me how you guys attached the lower leg armor(espetaly how you got it to stich to the sintra of whatever you used)
Pretty simple. I used a big stripe of adhesive velcro on the armor and sewed on velcro on the overall and vest (use always the rough side on the armor and the soft on the overall, so the overall won't stick to itself, if you wrap it up or so).

Depending on how loose your overall is on the legs, I would recommend to sew on the overall beneath the armor a strap of elastics which lead under the suit so you it will hold on to your leg and hold the frontside of the overall (and then of course the armor too) tight on your shin i.e.

They seem to have done the same kind of trick on the original as well, but they probably attached the elastic to the armor, which isn't that smart after all, as you have to cut the strap and add a closure system to detache the armor piece then.
Mine worked perfectly well. ;)
I have an update on my costume!!! Its almost done with only a few things still needed but it should be done before the end of the week. I have now aquired some fantastic gauntlets and am only missing the two belts. If anyone has any belts that they are willing to sell for $50 or lower I would accept any offer (I will post this in the other section as well)
the Jango rope belt is different, but maybe you could use a horse girth, just as with Boba. They sell for about 12 euros, atleast.. thats what I got myn for...

and the ammo belt...

well I have a Jango ammo-belt, but not having a replacement yet I don't want to part with it just yet... sorry, hope you find all you need.

maybe you can create your own, That's what im going to do, either with real leather...$$$$$$$, or vinyl, not sure how cheap or expansive that would be, but I bought a few soft parts for my suit here and there... and with all pieces Im now like... hmm.. I think I can do that myself ... for substantionally less mullah! :p
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