"MY" idea for a JP harness


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Since I cant find a JP harness I started on a idea of my own. I was wondering if this looked like any ones JP harness. I made this one up and wanted to make sure someone else didnt already have the same idea (dont want to step on any toes). Im not master at the computer drawings so I only did a half of it, im sure you get the point. I kind of made it like a LBV or a H-harness that I have here at home. Not a great pic I know.

JP harness.JPG
IT looks similar to TK-409's but I think the elastic is a bad idea. It the stretch and sag after awhile.
Yeah I just looked at his,,, His buckle is in the back along with none of its adjustable and from the drawing his is all 1 inch strap, no velcro, no elastic. Maybe it will look diffrent in real life more so then on paper. As for the "elastic is a bad idea" how offten do you wear a JP to wear it out? Id rather be able to bend over.I might wear this thing 5 or 10 times a year. But like I said its just an idea im not going to mass market this thing. It's just for me and I didnt want someone saying I "took or got" that idea from someone else.
If it slips down your Jet Pack will hang low and everything under your vest will bunch up under your neck, if the vest isnt tight.
You don't want the harness to be elastic. You want the harness to hold the jetpacl in place. Believe me I know as I have struggled with getting my harness system right.
how tight dose it have to be then? I just put the elastic in so you could have some kind of movement, but what looks good on paper may not get all that great. I mean dose it really pull all that much?
Yes, even a 5 pound jet pack pulls on everything. Your harness needs to be good and snug, and most importantly uncomfortable lol.

I took a life vest and took the padding out and then resewed it to be tight around my chest, it has about 5 buckles in the front, it is good and tight.

The straps that go over your shoulders pulls and in turn lifts the front bottom of the harness up, if you put elastic in the back the harness will lift up even firther, does that make sense? the bottom right under your ribs needs to be tight so it doesnt lift and slip.
So tight harness, got you. I can understand b/c where I have my LBV on it dose that at times. Its got some much crap on the back of it, but I didnt think that the problem would be that big of a deal. Guess im very wrong.

I hate to do this but b/c I someone else was doing it and its someone else idea. But like a upper body mesh vest, im just trying to put the weight over a bigger area.

But now that I think of it, just how diffrent can all the harness be? Its all being used for the same reason so im sure most look about the same.
I really wish there was a better way, or someone would copy the design for the original metal army harness because I hear those are very good.comfortable and designed for that very thing, I might be mistaken but I think the ESB jet pack was 30 pounds, so the harness had to be a good one, wish I had one.
I have a US divers scuba tank backpack that i bought off ebay and never used it anyone is interested. I remember reading a thread on the boards about it and I found one for sale.
You can get the army surplus backpack harness from anywhere between $40 and $90 at any army surplus store. They vary in price because the cheaper are from Asia and the more expensive are made in USA. They com in black or olive.
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