My good old fashioned momentary switched rangefinder


Jr Hunter
Hey Guys,

So the helmet is now finished and it was time to work on the range finder. Here is how I did it.

I bought a $8 2 Flasher LED kit from Jaycar Electronics, swapped out the 2nd green LED for a red one I had spare and started on building the circuit board.


I then took it for a test drive running from a 9V battery to make sure it was working.


Next stop Dremmel City population me as I had to chop off the sides of the board carefully so It could fit inside the housing of the RF.

1384.JPG 1385.JPG

1386.JPG 2x LEDs are then zap a gapped into their respective holes.

I then made some room for the wires from the hollow stalk to move freely into the helmet where the power supply will live. i also drilled some small holes for the momentary switch that I picked up for $1.50. That is resting on a piece of plastic from a 3.5mm stereo jack plastic cover (not shown in pictures).

1455.JPG 1456.JPG

1453.JPG I then soldered and heat shrinked the leads from the LED's to the leads from the 9v Battery / Momentary switch.

1431.JPG I hollowed out the clear part of the RF topper where I am going to insert a white LED later on once I get one. It currently attaches with small magnets to the RF housing.

IMG_4454.JPG This is what it looks like from the inside. The battery is held by double sided velcro nicely and does not budge. Fits nicely when I am wearing the helmet.

A video of it working

Hope you all enjoyed this post :)


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Thanks. I was going to buy one of those light kits like you have from Jaycar, but they want twice the cost of it just to ship. I think I am going to make my own like Kokuma did in his tutorial. The parts are really cheap. I wasn't originally going to have working lights in mine, but after seeing both of you guys posts I am going to upgrade mine. Thanks for the help.