my gauntlets finished


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Just finished up my JD gauntlets today!!!

He did an awesome job on the fiberglass. I trimmed them, wrapped with leather, dyed, painted, weathered, rub n buffed, added the ribbed section and
voila!!! :::


Hey,! I gotta set just like that! :lol:

You did a great job finishing them up. How's the fit?
The chest armor I got from you in trade, finished up SWEET! I can't wait to show this costume at CIII.
*expletive deleted* Wow.... !!!! ;)

I sure hope your wife is entering the costume contest! From what I've been seeing - she'd be the winner hands down! :D
Thanks guys!! I appreciate it :)

Judz, they fit really well. She's a little shorter than the average woman so the gauntlets are a tad long on her arms but they're o.k.! I actually cut the left gauntlet clear down to the long box on top and the way I made the cuff part slip over, it stops when it hits a certain point.

Oh yes, she's in the costume contest!! This has been our huge motivation for her :)
Is she in the "Costume Pagent" on Friday from 3-5 pm. (Right when the TDH photo is being taken?) :( Or is she in Sunday's "Costume Cabaret?"

If it's Friday, I'm gonna be torn... group photo or cheer on a fellow Zammer!!! :cry :( :cry
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YUP!! the photo is right in the middle of the contest!! :facepalm

I posted in the photo / C3 planning thread in the saarlac pit :
but there isn't much response. I know several people won't be able to make the photo because of this. Kathy and I would sure like to be there but I'm gonna have to say the costume contest is more important :zam
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Actually, think I'd rather cheer on a fellow Zammer! :D If I can get into the room that is... if I remember last time it filled up rather quickly! *keeps fingers crossed*
heck, get Goat in that armor ! I could see it now, winning first prize, then him peeling back his shroud to reveal...THATS A MAN, BABY !!!
Awesome, Cal! When is it going to be done? When will you have some good photos of this version? Still have the Zam spot open on the MG project...
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