My Foamboard Jet Pack Progress


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My Foamboard Jetpack Progress

I've spent the last couple weeks with an hour or two here and there (in between work and other real life issues) working on this jet pack (waiting on warmer weather to get outside and do more spraypainting and fiberglassing on the rest of my parts). So, I thought i'd post pics here. Keep in mind I am NOT going for screen accurate here (as nice as that would be) .. just something as close as i can with limited resources and skills that would make an amazing halloween costume, maybe even for local christmas parades.

The entire thing is made (so far) out of Foamboard (DIsplay board from the craft store) and PVC/ABS pipe, along with Goop, Solvent Free Contact cement (goop apparently eats the foam .. oops) and some LocTite Powergrip adhesive, then Bondo Glazing Putty.

I used WoF's templates (slightly modified) for everything as well btw. Amazing source!

Anyway, I'm open for critisism and suggestions.

Picture 050.jpg

Picture 052.jpg
hey looks good man would you happen to have any dimesions to share.

For dimensions I simply printed out WizardofFlight's plans at full scale and traced the parts directly off of those.

I used a 4 inch PVC pipe for the center tube, and 2.5 inch ABS pipes for the fuel cells. I was going to go with 3 inch PVC but because of the thickness of the foam board and the way I cut and folded it to have the fewest open seams to deal with (all of my folds are made by cutting a V groove out of the backside of the foamboard and folding it in on itself .. nice clean lines on the outside that way, and it only took me 3 "trial run" jp's to get to that idea) the 3 inch wouldnt fit.
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I finally got around to doing some more work on this project including the Rocket.

3 versions of the rocket to get it looking fairly respectable, though I think it's still a bit on the small side (which is odd considering I'm still using WoF's templates from the same file as the rest of the pack's templates).

The entire rocket assembly was made using WoF's templates as mentioned, Cardboard (the kind you find on the back of pads of paper) and contact cement. Simple print, cut, trace onto the cardboard, cut again and glue together.

Next up is the thrusters, some more bondo, sand, bondo, sand. Primer, paint .. and a harness. Then I can really get to work on the rest of the costume. :)

Picture 190.jpg

Picture 194.jpg
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That's looking really good! Seeing so many great scratchbuilt jet packs is making me want to try making one again. I failed miserably the first time...
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That's looking really good! Seeing so many great scratchbuilt jet packs is making me want to try making one again. I failed miserably the first time...

Try and try again. hehe. Each part (The base and the rocket) took me 3 tries to get it looking like it does now, and i'm still not 100% happy with it, BUT .. I'm not going screen accurate so I'm ok with it. It has taken a fair bit of work and a long time to get to the point I'm at now too, especially when working 12 hour days and having a family.

But, I wouldnt do it any other way .. scratchbuilt comes with a sense of accomplishment and great pride when it's finally done to your own satisfaction!
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