My first paint job, back armor pic's


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OK I know its not all that great but for the first time to try something like this I'm happy with what I got out of it. I tryed it on my back plate b/c there will be a JP on and no ones going to see it. Any ways I use a Rust Oleum satin spruce green #7737(Lowes), Krylon Farm & Implement John Deere Yellow #1816(HI/LO) and Rust Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish aluminum #7715 (Lowes) I was just wondering if any thinks the yellow is a little bright. I'm thinking it is but I still haven't weathered it any or put a clear coat on it yet. I used this petroleum jelly idea ive seen around here. know the pic's arnt all that clear but you get the idea. Any input would be nice,good or bad.
looks good, but, i would just do 1 thing to make it look a little bit more worn...dim down the yellow, and silver. take some oil paints or something like it, and lightly with a spunge, just get it a shade of black, grey, and maybe brown. don't put too much, but, just a tad on it. i used some foam from a craft store...the stuff that are in sofa cusions. try this on some other materials and practice before doing this. i have had a bad experience just going for it. :) good luck, and want to see more pics later!!! :)
Awesome....maybe it was the flash on your digital camera- - -

but the yellow looked kinda garrish - - -I could be wrong though - - -

because once again, it could be the flash on your camera.

If that is not the case then I would suggest dimming out the yellow

with some light songe strokes of black (not solid black) but make

it look a bit dirtier...Thats my opinion.

Aside from that, you craftsmanship is superior. I am very impressed with

your work.

Feel free to post more pics through out your Fett Journey and completion

of this suit!
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