My first outing with my Fett!


My local group had a function at an elementary school. We had a tent set up as a detention facility, and parents/kids could pay $1.00 to have one of our members help them locate and capture a victim to place in the detention facility for three minutes.

The cash all went to ASK (charity) and it was a great time. The kids really freaked out when we arrived - it was a surprise to many of them. We all marched out of the school to the Imperial March, and we were mobbed!

It was my first event in my Boba Fett (ROTJ), without rifle (school event rule). I found that I need to raise my jet pack a bit, it got droopy after a while of walking around, but otherwise - what a great time!

I have some pictures of the event below, unfortunately only a couple of my Boba. My wife was trying to take pictures and manage our own three year old just having a blast at the same time.





I think seeing the kid's reactions is one are some of the best parts of being 501st. I remember I was in my Fett at Caesars Palace and this kid looked up at me and just shouted, "BOBA FETT!" He had the largest smile on his face, I think I was more excited to see him that he was to see me.
man, that's so cool. I wish I had a suit that would be recognized my kids and adults alike, but alas I have only my custom mando.

I'm glad you had a great time, and I'm glad your son and wife did too.
Sweet. I always love seeing pics like that!!! Can't wait till my membership goes through. Seeing the kids smile...thats the coolest part. Great job;)
Sweet! Looks like everyone had an awesome time, which is what it's all about! I remember back when I was in elementary school, we had something like that where you could put someone into a "prison." I got put in there like 3 friggin' times!

Oh man, in that first picture, the green-shirted kid is running like mad!
Looks rockin,, you did a wicked job with your costume. You should probably dirty it up a bit. the garments I mean.

Great job tho.
*"The trooper in the second pic looks lost without a blaster to hold."

*I know how he feels!

Armor looks great! Thanks for sharing the pics!
MandoMan said:
I remember back when I was in elementary school, we had something like that where you could put someone into a "prison." I got put in there like 3 friggin' times!
I've been to two funfairs at a friend's school that had those, I was never put in. I put my friend in once, though. She was doing the cake walk and I thought she could use a break.
Thanks for the comments!

Yes, as far as blasters...we all felt a little out of place without them. However, due to the amount of kids (and pulling and tugging) both the school and our group decided to leave the guns behind.

I know its hard to see, but in the first picture - the Sandtrooper in the lead had an 8 foot long dewback prod with him. That was outstanding for "clearing the path" before us.

I need to do some minor changes to my Boba (dirty up the cloth parts a little) and change the way a few pieces fit.

Thanks again for the comments! My Boba would NEVER have been possible without my friends here on TDH.
Delta75 said:
Thats the cleanest Sandtrooper I ever seen. He must have just been
Well with the amount of children at the event, he should be dirtied up like a sandtrooper should be at the end of the day :)
That's fantastic! The expressions on the kids faces are priceless. I can't wait to get my gear done so I can experience the same feeling. Thanks for sharing the pics.
zombierepellent said:
I honestly don't understand what you guys are talking about with the whole prison thing, but it sounds like it was fun anyway.
I can explain it for you:
The ones I went to, you gave them like 2 tickets (10 for $1) and they would put one person of your choice into a roped off area or a small hut they built for a prison. The person would be in there for 10-20 minutes and then released. I was never put in, but I had them throw my friend in twice. She was standing on her feet all day and I thought she could use a rest.

I hope that answered you question.
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