My first Jango Troop


Saturday CIV

At first it was just a test fitting at 11am, but it took so long to get everything sorted that I just stayed in it until the Legion photo at 8PM.

I had a great time, but I do have a lot of work ahead of me. I really need new knees, JD's are just too small.

97% scratch bilt pack, I didn't make the airfreshners or spinner caps.

Jimmy BufFETT

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If I'm not mistakin', I saw ya briefly outside the TDH booth:

Very nice costume, my friend. If that was your first time out in it, I must say ya picked a great event to debut it at!;)


Yeah that was me, and TK-484. It was her first time as a TI. Thanks, I had a blast. As soon as a friend uploads her pictures I can't wait to post it here, a picture of me and a mini jango.

Scott (Jimmy BufFETT), I copied your photo to my gallery if thats OK with you. Its way better than my shot, you can see the reflections in the armor.
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Jango 5204

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I kicked my JD knees to the curb. I recommend Asok's vacuformed knees. They are lighter and have plenty of flex so you can bend your knees.


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Great gear you have there! Very nice parts you bought.

I just got some MB knees. They are great as well. If you need the width just ask.