My first custom helmet

Jun Garros Fett

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Hello. Just wanted to share some pics of my recently completed helmet and armor.

It's a custom Mandalorian loosly based on the White Commando.
The bucket is a Rubies Jango with a few mods like a craft ring added to the back as well as a hard hat liner and a full t visor made from a dark green face shield.

For the armor i used wizardofflight's (spelling) templates and made it from a plastic trash can.

Thanks to everybody for posting their ideas, tips and template designs.

Without you people my idea for a costume would still be on the drawing board. (and in my display case as a 3.5" figure. :lol: )

Try this link first.

Try this one if the first doesn't work.

One of these links should work. I have pics of my other expensive hobby there too.

Jun Garros Fett

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Thanks. The brow above the visor got a little out of shape when i installed the visor but i think it looks ok. Kinda sets the helmet apart from the others. ;) After all it is a custom.

Can't wait to get a good F.G. bucket and armor.


Jun Garros Fett

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I used Carpenters goop on the tabs for the liner and tacked it in place with industrial strength hot glue. The carpenters goop takes a while to set up. That's why i used hot glue to hold in place till the goop cured.

The only thing that bugs me is i can't wear it with my glasses on. I could just squeeze my head in before with my glasses on before i installed the liner.