My first attempt..

Hello everybody,

there are probably a zillion people a day who say this, but I'm new to this forum and the wonderful world of costuming. I'd like to get started on a Boba (or Jango) Fett costume right away. But I have absolutely no experience what so ever.
That's why I'd like to fire away a couple of questions; could anyone help me get started?

- As a beginner is there a difference in difficulty between a Boba or jango suit (which one is the easier choice to begin with)?
- I'd probably just use my fnished costu to put on a mannequin in my room full of movie collectibls and stuff, so I'm not too worried about getting every tiny little detail right. It just has to look good :) So, any different techniques or stuff to buy from this point of view?
- What is the best choice of helmet to get started (good quality, not too expensive (around 150$))
- Should I try to make my own armor or buy it (since I've never done anything like tis at all). I've read that a lot of peple use a kind of PVC for this?
- Are there maybe any people from Europe/The Netherlands/Belgium who can direct me to some good local dealers/stores where I either buy finished stuff or material to do it myself?

Thanks for your help everybody!!
By the way, I found this helmet on Ebay for 100$; is it worth buying or is it ****?





Jodo Kast 2749

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Looks like an Altmann's recast. Not a bad bucket though the details are a little soft.

Welcome to TDH.

1) Boba has more parts overall and can be pretty intimidating but Jango's no easy road either. I'd say go with whichever you like best.

2) My experience has been that the best way to build a decent suit at a great price is to haunt these boards and gobble up some of the great deals that show up in the Cargo Hold every now and again.

3) You can get a Sgt Fang mystery helmet for around $150 US shipped overseas. That's my helmet of choice if you're on a budget.

4) I've always made my own armor. You can buy better stuff (vac'd or fibreglass) but there's a pride in telling people, "Yeah, I made all of this myself!"

5) In Europe, run a google search for Boba Maker. If I lived on that side of the pond, that's where I would go first.

Hope that helps.


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Both Jango and Boba can be difficult and expensive, but I think Jango may be a little less extensive b/c of less parts and alot less weathering.

ditto on the Sgt. Fang, Im not sure if he's still doing runs, I had thought he had made a "final" run. I would also reccomend Marrow Sun. I have one of his buckets, and I love it

The armor is up to you. It all depends on how much you want to spend, and if you possess the ability to create. Personally, I bought my chest peices and gauntlets, but crafted my knee armor, and cod peice from sintra. I say you should build what you can, buy what you can't.
you can find Sintra on, under poly-something Sintra sheets, and if you're in Europe I think there is this stuff called Forex over there, Im not sure.Also troll The Cargo Hold, every now and then you will see great deals pop up, but you have to be quick to shoot a pm, they usually dont last long

But anyway, Welcome to TDH! Hope this helped

Jodo Kast 2749

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There's an option on these forums for a search.

The almighty says, "Don't be so lazy and run the search yourself." hahahahaha
Just kidding. But do run a search as your first option.

Jimmy BufFETT

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Howdy there and welcome to TDH.

I would also say use the search feature first just so you have just about all of the resources available to ya. You can also send a prop maker a PM if you're interested in his products, but just remember that a lot of them are really budy, so don't be expecting a response within a few hours.

One thing I will say as I say to everybody if they decide to do Boba: you first choice needs to be which version to do. His costume will vary from episode to episode.
I found this bucket on Ebay; it said it was a Rubies, but it looks better than a Rubies somehow.. (although the weathering-effect is pretty weird). Does anybody know what it is exactly?



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I believe that is a Rubies Boba, It looks differently b/c you are probably use to seeing the Rubies Jango which is made from a different mould. If I were you I would skip the Rubies, and just go ahead and get one of the many FG buckets, you wont regret it. You'll spend so much time and money modding one to make it look presentable, and then more than likely upgrade to FG a little later. I wish I hadn't spent 70 bucks on a rubies back when the first came out.

Mike M.

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it's a rubies collecters boba. a small step up from the regularboba. check out the silver rf cap and stalk. on the rubies regular those are black. and it just doesn't have that "driven over by a lincoln towncar" look that the dp97 has because the collectors boba is slightly a slightly more rigid plastic, and it's shipped in a box, not loose like the regular or the dp97.

Tim Allen

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Ok, thanks for the tip!
If I should get my hands on a DP '95 however, would that be a good buy to start with (for practice)?

If you want practice just get a rubies or dp97. DP95's are better but are still wayyy to small. I used to have 2, one of which was the green interior and probable the best shaped DP around at the time. My MSH2 could fit over the top of it it was so small. If you want painting practice just buy a cheap rubies and practice on that until you have perfected you method's, then go ahead a buy a more pricey bucket.
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