My ESB M_S1 Almost there


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Well, AGES ago I started a thread following the progress of my very first bucket, its an M_S 1 original and to start with I had it sent to a friend of mine to be painted as my painting skills are non existent, anyway months went by and more months and before I knew it 10 months had past and I had heard NOTHING from this guy, no progress pics no emails nothing, so long story short I got the helmet back and thought screw it I'll do it myself, so here it is thus far, im still working on a colour for the back, these colours are all mixed by myself and applied using the layered method, if anyone is interested I'll put up a list of the colours I used, I know its not a patch on most of the buckets round here but its my FIRST ever paint job so be gentle, I welcome any constructive comments as always, this bucket will also be up for sale in the coming months, thanks for reading guys and girls




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Lookin real good!!! Dunno about the green on the left ear though. seems a bit to bright green. Rest of the bucket looks top notch though;)


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First time huh? Um, I dont think so. It really looks good. I do have to agree with JK. That green does look bright. Take care of that and I think you are looking good!


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Yeah, I would dull down the left ear, to a more muted, kinda fatigue green. And, maybe give your bucket a black wash, to get that light, grimey look, and you'll be set.


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well if you'd have told me this was your tenth bucket I'd also believe you.

looks great!!

everyhing constructive has been said, the green on the ear, maybe some wash and mist layers and your all set.


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Nice paint job!:eek:
I agree with the fore-mentioned green colour on the ear piece...:facepalm

But overall... very impressive paint job!(y) (y)

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