My DP97 stalk area needs fixing, can you advise?


I bought a DP97 helmet (got a good price so no worries) but it needs a bit of fixing up. The stalk is snapped off, and the cover appears to be glued on quite securely..

the guy supplied a new stalk for me, but it needs some clean up work..

I need to know how to take the side panel thingie off, with out damaging the whole helmet (if possible..), and what I need to do to clean up the new stalk and rangefinder.

Here are some pictures..

The Helmet:

The Side thingie, with glue areas circled:
(sorry for the blurry..)



And the Stalk and Rangefinder:


Thanks for any advice you can give me?

Do I just pry the heck out of it? I am going to repaint this sucker into a Jango anyway, so I guess I can fix things later?

What about that stalk and rangefinder? Do i just take a dremel to the edges, and stuff? clean it up a bit?

Then how do I attach them together?

Sorry for the deluge of noob questions..

On My DP 97 I had, I used a flat blade screwdriver and an Exacto knife. Came off REAL easy. Didn't have to work at it much at all.
Hope this helps :)
Robert E.
What do you know..
A little prying action, and Presto..


Now, on to the next noob question..

How do I attach the stalk to the RF?

The one i got looks like this:

What do I need to do? Dig/Carve that area out, so the stalk fits in there? Or do I just glue it?

Thanks in advance..

Hi Badger

You could try digging it out, If I were doing it I'd drill lots of small holes inside the area you need opening out, then remove what's left with a modelling knife.
Or you could drill 2 or 3 holes in the stalk with matching holes in the finder,add steel or alu pins,then glue with epoxy.

Hope that helps

Phil TK 1608
Badger, you've got yourself in a pickle!

I recommend getting a hollow range finder, either from another DP or a fan-made resin casting. I've never been impressed with resin range finder stalks, so I'd go with either RA's or BKBT's (found in the Cargo Hold).

I recently had a friend modify my RA stalk, shortening the height, then he tapped two screwholes in the very top of the piece. Now I can drill holes in my hollow rangefinder and screw the topper directly onto the stalk.

I know it's alot of work to redo that section of the helmet, but 'after-market' pieces are alot better for you.
Another trick that may help. When you are ready to glue it back together.If the pieces don't line up right.If there are gaps. Use A little bondo for your car.Mix it up.Apply get your fingers wet!Smooth out the bondo.Wait for it to dry.A day or so! Then sand flush and paint.Works like A charm. For mounting? I used A nut and bolt.Mount the bolt thru the bottom of the antenna thru the helmet. Glue the nut to the inside of your bucket.Tighten the bolt from the outside.When it's nice and tight but the antenna moves up and down.Then take your earcap,you may have to dremmel the inside of the earcap to accommodate the nut.Once you have the earcap hollowed out.Glue it back on.Then use the bondo.
man that looks just like my helmet i bought a good 23$ DP but when i got it the RF was snapped off.....maybe i should start a cub for that we could be the presidents!!!lol ummm what i would try to do it use a Q-tip and sum paint remover and slightly cover the glue with the remover and it should weaken the bond.....
I was able to pry it off ok, the glue was semi-brittle and just cracked off.

Now to get the replacement stalk in there.
What I did with my RF was to get a stalk from Mardon (fiberglass stalk) which is a good substitute for the original, and really light, and then glue the DP RF top on to the stalk with Super Glue (I did that), or get an aluminum one from RA (which is GREAT), but for that one, you have to cut the little pivot stud that used to hold the RF stalk from the ear cap, drill a hole in your helmet and screw the RF stalk in place (which is still moveable), and glued the RF top to it, which I had to cut a little bit of the aluminum stalk top for accuracy...I didn't have time to use a dremmel tool (which I no longer have...have to buy another one) for the resin top and make a grove that makes the stalk to fit, covering half of the aluminum and glue it or Epoxy in place.

I feel so good to see that I help someone indirectly, and advise to save some money, or to try to do some accurate job....either way, I'm happy!!! :D

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