my dp 95 so far!


New Hunter
Hi guys, thought I'd bung a couple of pics up- this is my second go at it, as I wasn't happy with the first!! Think I've got the flare ok now and have a new t-visor from BM on the way, then it's airbrush and masking tape time!!!

Before flare--


After flare--

Yeah, I know. I have a DP '95 green interior sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I was going by the flatness of the dome and the slight curved shape of the triangles on the forehead.
Mine had a green interior originally, I sprayed it black to darken the inside and add to the 'can't see in, see out' idea. With the visor in place, it's near impossible to see in, even up close!! I think the 'arrows' on the front need some of the silver paint cleaning out of them-I think thats what makes them look a little odd shaped.
Am going for the ROTJ version- I have'nt seen many about, but a fair few ESB versions. I'll post more pics as I get the painting and weathering under way!
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