My DP '95 in ESB style, thanks Rogue Studios!!!


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Here's the progress on my DP'95 helmet using the Ref CD and Rogue Studios as references. The colors I used were NOT the ones from Rogue Studios, but I managed to mix, match and experiment with it, just using the same spray paints you see at Walmarts and also the Testors/Model Master brands.

I did this paint job in a hurry, based that Halloween is around the corner, cause it will be sold on Ebay soon, but wanted to show you how I did.

The markings, details and colors are not exactly as accurate as FP or Rogue Studios, but I did my best (I had also to work with the helmet and hide it this whole time from my wife....again! ;) Long story...) Hope you like it. See more details in the Cargo Hold. Sorry for the bad quality of the pics. Damn AOL Dig Camera!!!






The ear details are all decals except for the little ear square-shaped detail in the left and the front of the right ear. The side little bars are painted too. Both sides are ventilated as well as the back with screen door material.

So Well Paid Killer, I hope your happy now!!! :D

Looks really good Robert. I'm in a similar boat at the moment. Painting a bucket in the ESB style so I can sell it.

If mine comes out anywhere near as good I'll be happy.


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Really nice job. Is that green a freaky color or what? I'm glad to see you also did a great job on the gradiation of the yellow and orange stripes on top.

Thanks for the compliments everyone, but this is mostly thanks to everyone here in this forum who gave me the motivation (indirectly!!!....hint: accuracy bug!) I tried to do it better, but time was a factor. (Maybe I'm third as good as RS or FP, and I don't even know it....:rolleyes)

The most difficult for me was to make the color for the back scratches (some kind of yellow) that I couldn't find anywhere, and I couldn't use the same as the right ear, so I decided to paint over the silver, and it did a great effect (Model Master Dark Green) that somehow blended with the silver and gave an appearance of almost like the yellow used...weird!!! These colors were NOT the ones used by Rogue Studios, but the ones used by LynnTXP (or something like that his forum sign-in name):D, but getting as close as possible as the ones used by RS....which by the way.....YES, that green IS A FREAKY COLOR TO GET it done right!!!

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