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Hey all I didn't know where to post this so if it should be moved please go ahead.

Since I have started reworking my entire custom suit I decided to make new weapons. I figure that there are too many mandalorians with blasters. So in light of that I've decided to make dual vibro-daggers as my weapons. Here is a concept pic I made. Tell me what you think.


I plan on using pvc for the handle, bar aluminum for the blade and various bolts and fittings for the vibro cell on the blade. So what does everyone think?
Thanks guys. I didnt really notice how lightsaberish it looked until you said something. Now that you mention it I don't really like it all that much so I have reworked it to be a little simpler and less lightsaberish. Lemme know what you all think.


I already purchased the supplies to build this version so we'll see how they turn out.
I kinda liked the pointier tips of the original a bit better. Makes them look more dangerous. Of course, that might make the actual props more dangerous! :p Otherwise, I think it rocks! Can't wait to see what the end product looks like.
Ok I was able to get one built this morning. The blade needs to be sanded down a bit for a more even shimmer and teh hilt needs to be painted but other than that the first one's done. Here's a pic:


Tell me what you think.
Thanks guys. I finished teh second one and I think after I paint them I will add a leather grip to each one.

Don't expect any posing pics anytime soon. I'm redoing almost all my suit except my helmet. So it may be a while before you get some pics of them with the suit but hang in there cause they will be here eventually.

A tutorial, I'm thinking no. I personally don't think any tutorial is needed. All the blade is, is a piece of 3/4 inch aluminum stock I picked up at home depot. The vibro unit is a dowel that "lathed" in my drill press and I used my dremel as the cutting tool. The dowel piece was then screwed into place in the pvc and a metal shroud was added to the blade and vibro unit. The blade is secured in the pvc hilt with 2 screws. And that about sums it all up.

Now all I gotta do is figure out how I will carry these when I'm not holding them. I was thinking of scabbards that hang on each side of me or I could mount the scabbards on my back sort of like a ninja or legolas. I just have to figure out what to make them out of.

More pics are coming soon.
Hey guys, sorry I havne't made any progress short of adding leather grips to the handles. I just got back on sunday from a week at the beach so I haven't had time to work on them. Don't expect any updates for a little while however cause I'm going off to college on thursday and I have been packing all week and I still have a bit to do. I come home sometime in october for a few days so I'll have time to work on them then.
Well they are made of aluminum, but if we're talking hypothetically then they are made of cortorsis. If you don't know what cortorsis is, its a higly dense metal that is lightsaber resistant. They are similar to the vibro blades in KOTOR.
Awsome. Cool to see something different. It'd be really neat if you made the small little wire things in the base of the blades light up in like a yellow or electric type looking color(purple, green blue etc.) overall awsome.
Yeah i thought about adding lights but because of how the blades are fixed in the hilt there is no room for normal sized batteries and i dont wanna deal with button cells. I may eventually make a full on fibro sword and if i do i'll add a couple of lights to it and maybe a small pager motor to make it actually vibrate. I'm going home in about a week so i can get some new pics of what i get done while im home.
You know what i think would look good?

A pair of thigh holsters Jango Fett style or have a holster like agents have for their guns. You know when they hang just below the arm-pits.

or mount them parallel to eachother on the back with the handles pointing out on each side. That way you can pull them out Steven Segal style (with the blades along side your fore-arms) or normaly. (with the blades away from the fore-arms)

just some ideas...
Yeah They're too big for any place but my back, thats why i made a holster on my back. Only downside is I cant have a jet pack. I'm back at school and i've got my suit with me as well as my digi cam. I'll post some pics after haloween.
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