My custom mando progress...

I've been working on this for some time. Here is what I have so far:

Here is a pic of me in my new armor vest with belts on. I plan on making a wider girth belt sometime Friday night. That's a new collar, new ankle spats.
Notice the nice quilted shoulder caps and outer sleeves compliments of my dear mother.

And now the sintra armor. This first photograph is of my chest armor, codpiece, shoulder pauldrons and half-backplate. You can also see the tail-bone plate as well which will go over the cape.

And here is a pic of the leg pieces. The thighs and shins are Jango styled, while the knee darts are more of a Boba design. There will be three tubes for each knee set in a triangular design. I haven't bondoed the codpeice, the knee darts or the shins. I'm planning on doing all of that on Thursday.

The color scheme: Red mostly, but the shoulder pauldrons will be a dark grey and I'm adding three spikes each to them. The shoulder caps that hold the backplate and collarplate together will also have spikes on them. I still have to cut the backplate to match the collar plate. There will be two grey lines getting wider down the armor coming from the top of the collar plate and fanning out across the stomach plate. These will start like they are in line with the "fangs" on the helmet. I will be painting my own insignia on the right chest plate. I will paint the "bantha skull" on the left shoulder pauldron in black. My cape (not pictured) will attach to the shoulders and drape in back like a Roman cape of old. One side of the cape reaches half of my calf and the other side is to my ankle. A friend of mine is working on twin dueling holsters for me out of leather. They should be ready soon. My speaker box fits nicely inside the left sleeve pocket above my elbow. A massive scimitar will strap across my chest and hang on my back. Any more questions? Let me know.
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Holy crapolla, that's fantastic! Especially love the helmet design. This is definetly going to beone of the best originals around.


Excellent work man, i am loving the helmet design, aggressive yet confident in one's abilities...

keep it up, your doing us proud:)

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Excellent work! And this is original design, not a repainted Boba. I love your bucket and gauntlets, and sticking the chest diamind to the collar is another excellent idea. You're on the right way!
Geez I'm tearin' up! Thanks guys for all the kudos. I can't take credit for the diamond attached to the collar plate. That was my concept artist's idea. The rest was mine as far as concept. I have many of my buds at JediOKC to thank for several of the "how tos". I just told my artist buddy (Jerry Bennett) what I wanted and he drew it for me.

Now for the story of who this character is: His name is Jai Gal'aar. Those of you true Mandos will know what that means. He is chief of the Blood Saber Honor Guard, a splinter clan which takes the Mandalorian code literally. He exists pre Jodo and Jango, about 200 years before them. His clan splintered from the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders and have kept the emblem as a reminder of past mistakes, branded to his forehead. I wish I had Lucasfilm license because I'd love to write a novel about him.