my custom mando idea

The Clayster

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i was thinking of a camoflauge mandalorian,with a mini crossbow on one of the gauntlets...does taht sound cool or no....?
i am still not sure if i wanna do that
.. whats gona be camo? the mini-crossbow sounds coo but a dart launcher sound more.. right?.. meh the bow reminds me of GI Joe.

if you described the armor a little more it wouls help. like normal chest armor and thats it or shoulders and knees too?


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Sorta like Wez


from the Road Warrior

He has the mini crossbow on his left side vambrace


The Clayster

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well i am having a seriosu idea blcok,so i dont have many ideas for my mando
i have a blue jumpsuit,and the armor itself
thats it
so suggestions please
i have thought long and hard about alot of stuff,and its just now working,i dont like the camo idea because i might not like it when its finished...

optimus mime

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If your doing a custom mando, you're only limited by your imagination.

I think the wristbow is a cool idea, but you need more. Your mando should embody you. What are you into? How can we incorporate that into your mando?

Is your mando a hunter?, demo expert?, sniper?, sabotage-spec ops,?etc. I think you should consider all these things. depending on what your mando's profession is will also have a impact on what colors he's wearing and what kind of gear he carries.

Spend a little time on developing your character and I think ideas will start to pour in.

The Clayster

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he carries westars,i know that much,and uhm the wristbow sounds cool,and should look cool...but other than that,i am not sure.....
he has a blue jumpsuit also,
and uhm..i dont knopw waht looks good with blue,but if i hear something i will like more,i will get a different jumpsuit and such

i dont want a jet pack,he has a cape....
instead of a cod piece,there will be fabric there,wide enough to be in the middle of my thigh,and long enough to touch my knees i think

not absolutely sure on alot of it as of uhm
any help would be good,evne though it is my imagination,it is limited right now
ok.. so you got a loin cloth idea, with wrist crossbow, blue jump suit and half cap or full.

the question still stand, what is all this for? i have my own to. i love it to death
thats the picture... the guy on the left. i had a back story for him before the armor. so think of that. you guy sounds like a hunter so maybe less armor more gagets? mine is a techie/craftsman. so i have 1 gauntlet for hackin, and less arm armor for more agility and dexterity. legs are fully armored and that brown thing is a satchel full of tools along with the belt. helmet is only worn in battle.. he carries a DC-15, thats a longer story. maybe a half cape i don;t know yet... or a dessert trooper back pack.

you see back story helps make the armor... then the colors. brown, green and dark blue. so figure this out after the story. i used green cause the Repub Commandos had green for fixer the comp expert...


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Sounds like you've got alot to think about. For example: Are you going to have full armour like Jango or have your armour lacking the leg armour like Boba's does? Are you going to have pouches? If so what style? You mentioned Westars, one or two? and your holster rig will it be like Jango's (if so be prepaired to be called Jango from time to time) or will it be different (cross-draw or even shoulder holsters for example)? Will your gauntlets look traditional but with the mini crossbow launcher or will you have something entirely new? As I said, lots to think about.

As to the loin cloth, why not have it mid-thigh length and tattered instead of knee length? . I think the effect would look better. Half capes look alot better in my opinion than a full cape which tends to look too much like Vaders (or if shorter, Superman!) There's nothing wrong with a blue flightsuit at all. Depending on what you imagine I would suggest either a much darker blue for the armour or even black or alternatively white. Gold works with the blue as a nice colour for trims (ie: the trim around the T-visor).


oo clay's got a delema

Orthar has got some good ideas

i dig the cross bow dude go with that for sure

shoot me an IM some time i can give you some idea prolly too dont have time right now (im at work)


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U might want to rethink the crossbow idea I think it wuold be varry cool but if you are going to were it to cons or any place with crowds it may get caught on things ( your cape , other peoples costumes ) . If it dos get caught it could self distruct then all that work out the window , or you could damage sombody els's costume , never a good thing. Ever been in a ceouded exibition hall at a popular con?. Those that have know what I mean.

The Clayster

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i would make it to where it wouldnt work,it would just be for show..if it was an actual working one,i wouldnt be able to take it into a con i think....i alreayd thought about that so dont worry,and it wouldnt be a very wide one as well,the smallest we could find is 12 either we will buy that or make our own...thanks for the concern though!