My custom mandalore gaunt concept


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I drew these up last night before I went to bed. I will probably make them out of sintra(if i can find it).
The top one is a wrist laser and the bottom a rocket launcher.


One thing I will need though is a resin gauntlet rocket, so if anyone has one new or even one with flaws they'd be willing to let go for possibly free :eek: (i'm kinda broke at the moment :facepalm so I dont know how I'm gonna pay for the sintra until I get some cash.).

Anyways, please tell me what you think(yes they are very simple and not very detailed, but I like them that way).


look cool. are u gonna make gaunt hoses for them? I know how ur going for the simple look, but u could add something kinda like the calc pad, something that operates the parts of u gauntlets. I think they are gonna look really cool.


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Okay, I just added the holes to the bottom of my "prototype", and it looks cool. Yeah i'm gonna add some sort of calc pad type "controls". As for hoses, i think i will do at least one on each gaunt. I know where to put a hose on the wrist laser one but the rocket one i'm not too sure, any ideas?