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ok, so for my custom all i have currently is the chest/back/shoulders. All but 1 peice is painted, which that one needs to be resanded and reshaped. I have the material for my vest that Im using, a black Vinyl. Here's some pics of it when i first got it unpainted (photoshopped to reveal the real color it is now) and how it is now, which my flash makes the color look blue instead of dark grey. And yes im using clone trooper hand armor for it, but with different gloves.




and here's it before the grey and inbetween coats of chrome to fix impurities
Got the vest sewn a while ago, armor attached. far too big for my body so it doesnt look right. Might just scrap what I do have or find a friend that isnt small. Came up with the idea for my helmet. Dimensions are mostly off but its a rough draft. The visor has been cut to a T/Y design to allow better visibility. The binocs are for the sniper, the middle lense acts as a range finder and improved HUD. The side lenses act as night vision, thermal vision and a low power xray allowing to see through atleast 2 feet of wall from a close distance.

That helmet design looks cool! What are you going to use to hold the binocs in place? That clear/chrome visor is a striking contrast that will draw attention, it looks great, though I have no idea how to do it. Keep up the good work.
I plan on making a reversed earcap for the left side like the rangefinder and mount them similar to Bly who I was inspired by. As for the Visor I'm probably going to use either a chrome tinting or something similar to the mirrored glass seen in interrigation rooms. For the shoulder bells I'm going for a design more like the clones but still mostly fett. Sleeveless like Montross as well.
thats a good bucket design. Looks similar to the one that im designing, except the on mine the bottom of the T ends halfway down
Got the torso, cod and thighs drawn out. Shoulders are bells similar to clones but with sharp angles rather than just being round. For my shins/knees I'm doing a trooper/vader style shin/kneeguard with the same angles of Jango, throw them on a spat over my boots. Colored with Adobe Illustrator CS2

With color:

Here's all I have atm. I'm DEF. scrapping this armor as it's too big for my frame, the corners of the breastplates cut into my shoulders if I try to move them. Other than that it's alright, I may give it to a friend not as small as me haha.


Looks great, all you need to do is cut it down a little, Never give your Armour away dude... thats like having an arm removed, you sure will miss it....
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