my custom helmet!!

A bit fuzzy? it looks like you were runing past this thing wile taking the pic :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D well from what i could make out it looks pretty cool. time warped... but cool..
If you want to use the visor, pop those snaps out of it and maybe screw it on from the inside, bodywork that thing till it's smooth. interesting idea.
Yeah, but i think that's sorta cool he used that as a base helmet tho.

good work.

I didn't know fett played poker

beginner fett said:
like paint it the same color as my bucket?

no not paint the same color..actually I like your colors. Just the visor part. Make it look like it belongs w/ the helmet and not just on there like it is. Other than that I like the idea.
BF, cool idea. I agree with the previous posts, you need to customize the visor. Remove the buttons or fill over them with resin, epoxy, filler, or whatever. Then smooth it over. Also customize the front of the visor by changing its shape somehow. I'm diggin' the light too, that's cool! Oh don't forget to add a decal or something, and weather that baby up. Good Luck.

Oh yeah, next time don't drink 5 esspressos right before you take the picture. :lol: (Actually, just use flash w/ a digital camera and it won't blur. Otherwise use a tripod to steady it).
I like the visor idea. I would try and angle the visor so it comes straight out not sloped down. The field of view is pretty limited through the helmet, I think with the visor as it is you'll only see about 3 feet in front of you. The side light is a nice touch.
Is that flashlight on the visor from a WELLS P90? If it is, I have one of those too :lol:. But I use it on my Tokyo Marui P90 instead now. Anyway, like other guys said, I think you should color and weather the visor so it looks like it's part of the helmet. Like Cody the Clone. Commander Cody, I mean.
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