My costume progress UPDATE3 13.11.03 added JETPACK


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UPDATE 4 13.11.03
Finally i managed to get the Jet Pack finished..Well some work is still needed. I need to dirty the rocket thrusters a bit more etc.. The GA looks good, but it is too small and not very accurate in places. It was a pain to build too.
i should have bought the MLC pack, but still i'm pretty happy with the result:)
jet pack1.jpg

jet pack2.jpg

+ Lord of the Props sent me the new neckseal (Wow!), gloves and Belt!!:


Knees and boots left!

What do you guys think?

UPDATE 3 25.10.03

Trying on the suit once in a while really helps! First of all the practical aspects like getting the suit on unfolds. I found it quite hard. Especially the collar aromor wich are held in place by the collar bolts(i had to screw the parts together). So i believe 2 persons are recommended to put the suits on. The wookie scalps kept sliding down my arm, so i will add a safety pin to hold them up. The jumpsuit kept coming between the gauntlet shells while tying to lock the together. I also discovered that i will have to fix the placement of the armor parts, add snaps to the shoulder bells and back armor/collar armor.

This was my first time trying it on and i loved it!! It felt great and was quite comfortably. I love the bubblehead look:):) It looked quite like that picture from ESB when Boba walks in the halls of cloudcity!




And finally one with Shackman's lights lit:

I'm awaiting the boots, new belt, gloves + i need some knees to finish it off.
Besides from that it's really just the left gauntlet left to finish off, attaching the hose and paint the Jet Pack!
Crits and comments are welcome!
UPDATE 2 26.09.03

*Finished my MSH(still need to finish the RF)
*Assembled my Jet pack(needs to be painted)
*Got my Chest lights.
*Painted the collar
*New backplate(needs to be painted)
*Got the butt-plate and attached it to the cod piece(needs to be painted)
*Got my spats
*Got my Gauntlets-still needs to be assembled and painted.
*Got the wookie scalps

Shackman's Chest-lights:

The gauntlets are beautifully made in fiberglass and the details are cast in resin. These are the most authentic Gauntlets I've ever seen! The details and crispness of the details are amazing! Cant wait to start working on them. FP is your man when it comes to Gauntlets! Thanks again:)



Here is the Jet pack-Finally assembled. It was pretty hard assembling this. Tons of sanding and Bondo needed. Minor things to do before painting:

Some test shots with some of the new items on:



Stuff i need to finish:

-Paint the Cod armor(DONE)
-Paint the buttplate(DONE)
-Move the shinpockets further down
-Add the aluminum collar parts(DONE)
-Finish the RF(DONE)
-Assemble and paint the Gauntlets(DONE)
-Paint the Jet Pack(DONE)
-Get hose-connectors and flamethrower nozzles for gauntlets

Will post more updates soon:)

The mannequinn with the old repainted DP96:

I quickly dressed up the mannequin with the suit to take some pictures so the armor pieces are taped on at the moment.

The ROTJ cape looks great(thanks wellpaidkiller)!

This is far the most fun project that I've been working on:)
Let me know what you think. Crits are more than welcome.

Looks really nice, Micke.

You'll need to weather that jumpsuit, though. Just ask JMP!



**Edit: Corrected spelling of Weathered :facepalm **
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I'm really impressed. Looks very good.

When I first saw the pics, and before I read below them, my first reaction was "DUDE! What happened to your hands, man?!".
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Nice work! :cheers I'm lovin' your jumpsuit! That is a great ROTJ color. The only thing I could say so far (;) other than those shin pockets) is your collar needs some trimming. It doesn't have a straight edge next to the chest, but comes to a point at the center. Just mark your center point, and trim up either side toward your sholders.

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wow that looks great!! but get that dude some hands man :lol:
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That outfit looks awesome good coloring on the helmet and very nice jumpsuit .Did you make it yourself? What materials did you use for it? If you don't mind me asking.
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Very nice! It looks like you have so much until you read the list of what you need to do. It never ends does it?! :lol:
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Thanks a bunch, guys:)
The mannequinn was bought from a comercial company for a very cheap buck. I shared the same offices as them 5 years ago and i remember that they had a mannequinn in a room wich were used
in a comercial of some sort(it had a german nazi suit on when i bought it!) Sadly the hands are lacking:/ It's really
tempting to steal a pair whenever i'm in a store, he he..
Anybody knows where i can buy hands?

I agree that the collar armor will need some trimming, thanks
for pointing it out:)

The Jumpsuit was made by a Girl that i know..We did a trade.
I learned her 3d studio max(she's gonna study industrial design) and she made me a jumpsuit:) I'm very happy with the result. The colour is pretty damn close i think. The fabric is very good too.She closely followed the references i gave her. Yeah, it will have to be weathered.

Yeah, i was actually amazed how much work that remained after i wrote the list. I havent even buildt and assembled the JP or Gauntlets yet:/

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That is an awesome costume so far micke :cheers (y)
we need to get a mannequinn but then again our armor wouldn't sit on it very well without a jumpsuit or vest :D.
Keep up the great work. :)
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Hot damm! That is sweet!

All you need now to complete it is an LED...LOL!

Seriously though, nice work!

Stay safe.

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Man cant wait to get my fett to that level of completion and why dont you see if this lady friend of yours wants to make a few bucks on the side?
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