My cardboard and papermache jet pack

kirk dougall

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My cardboard and papermache jetpack

Well I didn't have any money for this so I decided to scratch buold it from card etc. I found some templates printed them off stook them on card and used some bottles etc for the tubes.
Its not brilliant but I'm happy with it for now I don't intend on wearing the jet pack its used for my lifesize statue.
I may build one from plastic eventually.


Its quite over weathered mainly to try and hide the creases from the paper etc. I went with the ESB colours as my gauntlets are esb gauntlets and it was easier to paint.
Like I said its not brilliant but it didnt cost me anything so I'm happy with it.
Its 26inches tall and 16 inches wide.


Also heres a pic of the complete peice. I need some new gloves and boots eventually.
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I have a room or two something like your last photo. I have so many boxes full of SW action figures, ships, and any other SW collectible that you could imagine. Before long we'll need a larger home... :lol:
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