My bobafett costume attempt


New Hunter
Here’s my photo of my costume attempt.

I was on a very tight budget of £50. Its not 100% accurate I know there are load of errors, just wondered what people thought.

Here’s work in progress and finished bits.

I meant to post work in progress as I used this site a fair bit for help and guide.

It was for a fancy dress party titled "dress to kill".

Was fun making it.
Wow, That looks fantastic! Did you make all the parts from scratch? Great job, I can't believe how little you spent.
Looking good. I'd recommend tightening up your jet pack so that it rests firmly against your backplate. You don't want any sag or it will sway side-to-side when you walk.
:facepalm can't belive my eyes!! only £50!! Wow!! i'm impressed!
Very Nice Job! Most people (non prop builders) don know how much effort and detail is in this suit. You obviously do!

The only addition I would make is get some black chalk or break dust and dirty up the jumpsuit. We all know that Fett doesn't have that "Fresh out of the Womb" appearance.

Again, Awesome job!

First off, for approx $100 that is an awesome job.

Next, some constructive criticism:
I agree with BobaFettish - tighten up that jet pack. It keeps you from crashing into sailbarges and the like.

Bleach your suit some...then dirty it up!

And if you remake your armor, (I'm not saying you need too) use the cigarette lighter to heat the back side of the sintra, then push your dents and dings in. Less sanding is needed to clean it up afterwards.

Still, for what you have into it - it looks great! It's an amazing job. Welcome to the TDH - you are off to a great start!
Thanks everyone.

I couldn't of done it without this forum. If I do ever get around to it I might modify it. Your right about the jump suit it is very clean. The jet pack was a problem, it did sag, one day I will try and make it less saggy.

I did make all the parts from scratch. The helmet was the worse, started out as old bicycle helmet, wish I bought one :)

It took a lot of evenings, and lots of glue...

At some point I think I will make a web site "Budget Boba" so I can help others to make a bargain costume. If I ever find the time.

Thanks for your comments, you've inspired me to do another costume.

Nick (budget boba)
I can't belove your costume was built for around 1 hundred bucks...amazing. You must give us details on how you did it. Although we here at the TDH have various levels of costume accuracy and money spent on parts, you have the best costume I've seen for the amount of money you spent, I wish I could do it for a lesser price. I've got more cash spent on Paint and bondo alone then your entire costume. Great job!
I must say for $100 Thats freeken amazing.. and dang it .. the costume looks like what its supposed to.. I mean If I saw that costume at a party I would stare at the gauntlets and missile launcher.. and I thought your helmet was store bought.. I didnt know you made it.. awesome job dude.. and yes for us budget bobas out here.. some tips, pics and tutorials would be great.. this is a posterboy How to piece..
i must congradulate you. man that is very thr formal stuff is out WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freakin awsome man. i planed on making a scratch built costume and from my calculations it would cost maybe $200-$250. (thats if i buy a helmet though w/o it, it would be $150 or less) anyway sweet!
THAT'S impressive! £50!!! Mines already set me back around £200, and that's without the bucket! (My bucket was a birthday gift). And I've still got to make gauntlets! Well done and welcome to TDH
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