My Boba ... So Far


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Well I thought I would show everyone my progress so far...
Armor- Wickedbeard
Flak vest- Darth Mule
Jumpsuit- Skygunbro
Shin tools- real Paterson Squeegee, resin "knife", part of a paterson squeegee with xacto knife pieces and a piece of a spatula. still need to make the other one.
Ammo Belt- not sure of the maker purchased from Evan
Girth Belt- purchased from petsmart dyed by me.
Belt pouches- Skygunbro
Ankle spats- on there way from Skygunbro

Im still painting the helmet, and im still in need of boots, jet pack, Gauntlets, chest lights, Gloves, wookie scalps, and toe spikes. then Ill be "done" . Not that you can really be done with Boba.

Im using AFFO$ rattle can list to paint the helmet. I will be doing a combnation of layered and topical. I short on funds so the helmet is taking longer then expected. question for someone who knows. What should i use for a clear coat on the silver? I heard testers dullcoat before but i dont think that is a rattle can. I dont have money for a airbrush right yet. so if anyone has a good rattle can clear coat they could tell me about i would greatly appreciate it.