my boba fett armor so far.. how is it?

shade 99

these r my armor for my boba fett armoor that im going to put on my vest when it comes in.... Can u guys tell me if i did a good job or nt? thanks.
sorry those bend lines on the shoulder bells make them look like cardboard. All in all it looks pretty good. Although the battle damage on the chest is a bit too big i.e. the circles of metal around the dents is too much
could everyone else give there opinions i would like to know from everyones perspective. please
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I think the paint job is a little overdone on the damage/weathering side personally...
Too much silver showing for me.
But a great effort none the less, particularly the gauntlets!

y thank u. thanks these comments r really helping cause im never sure of my self on making stuff from scratch.. keep the comments coming.
hmm.... have you ever worked with plexiglas before??

by the way.. I really like that backplate :D
I suggest getiing some templates from here and redo all the armor pieces with plexi-glas... or sintra but thats not available anywhere.

plexi=glas is bendable when heated, so you can use ur over or a heatgun of some sort.

:) im sure ull make it look nice, you can paint :)
hmm... maybe... throw in some yellow around the silver spots, and dim them a little... and smack the symbol on the right plate :) should look ok
Wow. Looks good. The center "diamond" may be a little small but that could be from the picture perspective. Are you going for "screen accurate" paint or more custom? For scratch built from metal no less, this is really good. Oh, your knees, you might want to add a flange on the sides so you can install the darts launchers. The collar looks spot on btw.
yeah... I really like that backplate... hadnt noticed the collar really.

How did you bend the emtal to curve right in the back?
I think the chest/back armor would be realy awesome if you touched up the paint job a bit. The shoulders and knees could use a little more shapping. The gauntlets are pretty good to. Did you make the helmet too?

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx
i didnt make it but i painted it my self....keep the comments coming this helps me 2 to know if its good enough.
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