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Heres my progress so far on my ROTJ blaster.

I got Sidewinder´s kit on monday. Here are all the parts as they came out of the box.

I started with rough cleaning the same day. On thuesday I got a set of greeblies I won on ebay. The auction was just for the two "plane-parts" and the seller threw in the stock parts for free. They are some fine clean sculpts, with only little need of cleaning.
But is it just me or do the stock parts look a little to big ? So I guess these are custom made.

Anyway, here is how I ended the session today, with everything fit toghter.

I still need to do some fine cleaning.
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They look good, I think they only look "big" because you don't have the rest of the gun attached. Sidewinders gun is very nice, I can't wait to see you finish yours.(y)
Real Scooby said:
But is it just me or do the stock parts look a little to big ? So I guess these are custom made.

If you mean the stock greeblies, yes the one that is not the rectangle is too big. That is a scratch built one.

If you had the part that came from the Visible-V8 model kit or a cast of one, it is a lot smaller (and of course crisper details). I've had both.

ASOK should be making that part soon if you want one that is more accurate. Send him a PM.
Yesterday I recieved Sidewinders ROTJ barrel, together with a new set of greeblies. The barrel is a great sculpt again and fits great. The greeblies are great too, since the first set I had were somewhat to big.

Heres how everything comes together. I still have to do some finework on the barrel ( some bubblefilling, some sanding ).

The small fin, is just a piece of 3mm sintra.
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Some progress on the blaster. Its completly assembled and spray painted with black. I will start weathering it the coming days.
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I just finished the blaster. When starting the weathering on it, I just hoped I won´t overload it, but I think you just CAN´T do that on any Bobas item :)

Big thanks to Sidewinder for helping out with the parts.
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