My 9 year old's gauntlets

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Hi everyone. As I finish up my kids armor (is it ever REALLY finished?) I thought I would post pics of the parts so I could show a little more detail. This is the left gauntlet that I have (maybe) finished. The shell is from Cruzer, pulled from the ones he made for his son. Sorry the photos are not great...


I used a piano hinge for closing it which works great.


For the fastening I originally used magnets. Then my son showed me how, by twisting his arm a particular way the gauntlets would pop off and smash to the floor. :eek: I thanked him for showing me after I picked up the pieces and put them back together. Anyway, after that I used magnets, along with a velcro tab on the back of the flame thrower box, in addition to velcro that attaches the gauntlets to the jumpsuit. I considered stapling them to his arm as well, but thought that might be going just a bit too far.


I made a couple of small changes to the templates. As he is 9 and very "action oriented". I shortened the flame thrower part just a little so it would get knocked around a bit less. I also had to cut off some of the keyboard since the gauntlets are smaller. I did not have a small rocket, and besides everyone likes a big rocket :lol: so I used a normal one. Anyway, this is my first go at it and I thought it turned out ok. Now to finish the right one!!!

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Thanks Cruzer! I really consider that high praise after seeing what you have done with your son's costume.

This will be really fun this Halloween. I am going to be Vader, my 9 year old son will be Boba and my 7 year old daughter is Padme. My wife...well, let's just say she is not happy about the whole thing. :lol:
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