My 20 lb. back armor!


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Ok, it really only weighs about 6 lbs...but it looks like it should weigh that much, especially when knowing I've used over an entire gallon of bondo on it and and got another quart last night.:lol: Good thing this is only the "master" to make a silicone mold!

After 2 failed attempts and about 20 hours later, here's what I've got.

The shoulder span is approximately 15" which puts it in just about 1/2" wider on each side than my BKBT collar armor, and if I go with the movie accurate length to width ratio then I need to make it 17" long (the top cut line at the bottom).

Give me some feedback and let's get some of those "overlay" specialist to see where I need to tweak it before I start on the finishing sand and start filling all the tiny holes.

If I never have to build one of these things again, it'll be too soon!!:lol:





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Man, I hope you have some pneumatic sanders or something. That's a lot of sanding. I"m looking forward to the finished result.(y) (y)
what are you using? is that bondo? what are the white block things doesn't the bondo/resin stick to it? love the overall shape. If you are doin exact measurements, are your measurements physically the same as the screen jango?
Great work man.... (y)

I had terminate time ago to sculpt of my Jango version ( by the original measurement ) but I prefer used other method / technical
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I hope you are using a breathing mask, that stuff is not healthly for you. I may use body filler on occassion, but I try not to. It just takes too long to properly cure.
All right, everybody's got wise cracks!:lol:
Even Michaelangelo had to start with a slab of marble.;)

Here's an updated pic after yet more hours!!:eek:

Edit: I didn't like the first pic so I took and posted another.

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That third jet pack strap is interesting. I've never seen that before. That back armor is looking spot on! Great job on everything! Looks like you're taking it pretty slow with all that bondo and sanding! Patience will make perfect though, and it seems like you've got plenty!
great work so far!!! i'm no expert on making molds,but i have seen carvable foam with great density which would need just thin skin of filler to smoothen out the final finish.:confused hmm..lookin like cruzerprophouse inc.;)
Thanks guys for the support, this thing is as much for everyone here as it is for me. Once I get my suit up and running for CIV, I'll make these available to members here.

It dawned on me that I left the backplate approximately 1" longer in length than the original dimension taken from that ref. pic. So with that in mind then the shoulders should line up perfectly, the back can be trimmed to enhance any curves on the side, and the bottom can be trimmed 1" to make it the screen accurate dimensions or left long for taller people.

Right now the backplate is approximately 15"x18". I'd like to stay with the 15" across the shoulders because it works well with BKBT's upper body armor, which I feel is the most accurate made availble to members. The sides can always be trimmed down and/or the neck hole widened.

So it looks like I just need to bring down the center circular area a little and bow it's lines a little, make a trim line for the bottom cut out half-circle, add the side flaps, and the jp strap holes and overhang.(y)

Thanks for the input everybody. So far I've done nothing but hand sand this thing because I feel I can control the contours better. So hopefully that'll pay off in accuracy.

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